Acsellerate Sales Intelligence & CRM Software

A cloud-based solution that combines customer relationship management (CRM), alerts, advanced analytics, and reporting for office supply and contract furniture dealers.

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Understand your customers and uncover new opportunities

Gain valuable insights that drive sales. Proactively manage your existing customer base and sales pipeline with our CRM and analytics software. Acsellerate solves the unique sales challenges faced by office furniture and business supply industries.

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Make powerful, data-driven business decisions

Make your data work for you and compete against big-box retailers. Our solution makes it easy to unlock the valuable insights that live within your business data. Gain a better understanding of customer trends and sales team performance while also benefiting from industry-leading business reviews and easy-to-understand reporting. All of this is available in just a few clicks, removing the need for complex SQL queries.

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Manage your business from anywhere

Whether you are in the office, at a customer location, or working remotely, our mobile CRM application will help you maximize sales, manage customer relationships, and drive new business opportunities. As a web-based tool, Acsellerate does not need to be installed locally.

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Get an end-to-end view of your business

Automatically integrate your business management software data into our analytics and CRM as part of our core offering. This ensures you and your team have a comprehensive view of your business in real-time, putting your customer data right at your fingertips.

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