3 Ways to Improve Communication on the Construction Site

BT Blog 3 Ways to Improve Communication on the Construction Site

Construction Project Management Software Gives You One Place for All Communication

During a build, effective communication is key. As a builder, you probably didn’t think sending emails, making phone calls, and following up with people would be a big part of your day. But as projects progress and you bring on new clients, the number of contacts you have grows, meaning more and more time is spent organizing schedules and relaying information.

Keeping a clear line of communication open can be a daunting task with multiple projects on the go, different subcontractors and trade partners, and several clients. Whether you’re staying on top of questions and suggestions from clients or sharing updates with your crew and subcontractors, there’s a lot of information to track and keep organized.

And you want to be organized. Imagine trying to find change order details you scribbled on a piece of paper and threw in your truck when it’s time to share those new selections with your team? Clear communication is one thing – keeping it organized and easy to access is another.

Here are three ways using BuildTools construction project management software can improve communication and avoid confusion on the job site:

Create a Single System of Reference

Stop spending your time sifting through your inbox and combing through notes you’ve jotted down here and there on your computer, in your notebook, and on post-its.

By implementing a construction project management system, you’ll have a central hub for all the communications you send and receive. They’re organized by project, so no more scouring your inbox for that one-off email that you just can’t find. Easily find short notes and long conversations alike and keep important attachments easily accessible.

Do you need to train subcontractors and clients on a new email system? Not with BuildTools! Integrating with Gmail and other email platforms, the people you email won’t have to do anything differently.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Are all updates and changes that affect a project stored in a single tool? More likely than not, you’re used to making changes in one system and updating your team in another (or several others).

Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools for communication. In BuildTools, you can collect and log project notifications in one convenient app – no more switching back and forth. All your updates are at your fingertips and easily searchable in our unified inbox.

With BuildTools, once the update is logged, it can seamlessly send a notification to update relevant parties of the change. Take the guesswork out of your projects, and give your crew and subcontractors the right information, right away. You won’t need those to send endless emails, play phone tag, or send countless text message reminders.

Archive Your Information, Access It Any Time

Once you’ve gotten the information you need out of your emails, you may let them sit in your inbox, organize them, or delete them. But what happens if you need to refer to something you’ve deleted or “organized” so you can no longer find it?

With BuildTools, messages and attachments are all archived and organized by project. Whether you need to double-check the details of an update or get warranty work done for your clients, don’t spend time digging through your inbox. What used to take hours of phone tag to figure out can be done in seconds with a centralized inbox. Simply log in to the specific BuildTools project, select the element of the build you’d like to update, and send all the messages you need to, without ever leaving the app.

Staying organized saves you time, so projects get finished faster. Faster, easier workflows mean happier teams and clients, good news for your reputation, and more time to take on new business. So why not take back your most valuable resource – your time.

Learn more about how a construction management app can keep everyone in the loop and up to date. Our How to Improve Communication During Custom Projects gives you tips and best practices for communicating with your crew, clients, subcontractors, designers, and more.

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