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We deliver more than cutting-edge software for service-centric businesses

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We help you grow

At e-automate®, we’ve become leaders in service business software by providing more than just the latest technology. We listen to you and want to empower your organisation. With careful guidance from our team, you’re equipped with both the technology and the expertise you need to maintain business growth and increase profitability, no matter the competition or economic circumstances.

E-automate’s innovative functionalities help you optimize your business processes to drive revenue, growth, and exceptional customer service.

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Become part of a community of more than 1,500 like-minded dealers

We trust our dealers because they’ve helped us build software that is a standout in its ability to improve organisations. E-automate works closely in conjunction with its dealer-run Users’ Group comprised of over 400 member companies. Each year, the e-automate Users' Group (EUG) hosts a five-day meeting in the USA where attendees receive user-led instruction, discuss better ways to utilise their software and supply critical input that determines the direction of software development. In addition to our many training options, you can learn to utilise the software better and how to grow your business from other e-automate users.

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Join the ECi family!

When you join e-automate you become part of the ECi Software Solutions family. ECi provides cloud-based software for small- and medium-sized businesses. But more than that, ECi's team members have a customer-first focus and are committed to helping your business succeed with software, services, industry expertise, and top-notch support. We welcome you to our global family of independently owned businesses!

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