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Worried about e-commerce Growth?

The ECi team were incredible throughout the process and our new site is live and looks amazing!

–Andy Blyth, Eximedia

Being able to embrace both offline and online sales platforms can be daunting for a small-to-medium sized business with little or no creative or web resource.

Many companies will go into it half-hearted and then not be able to keep up with demand, or find themselves doing ‘bad business’.  The likes of Amazon and other marketplaces are not going away, so having a great website, with fresh and relevant content, is what you need to be competitive.

Are you reluctant to add e-commerce because you fear:

  • Being unable to keep your website up to date with product imagery and enhanced descriptions?
  • Not keeping up with the administration associated with keeping your business management system and e-commerce solution data fully aligned?
  • Experiencing pricing inconsistencies between your sales platforms?
  • Becoming overwhelmed with adding new web accounts and fulfilling internet orders?

HorizonWeb makes e-commerce pain-free! Because HorizonWeb shares a database with Horizon, they are essentially the same system; sharing the same data; account details and product information all from one database and hence eliminating many of the data headaches often associated with managing an e-commerce platform.

Ready to embrace e-commerce?

See how Horizon makes expanding into e-commerce pain-free.

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