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Cloud Computing Benefits

Protect your most valuable business asset—your data

"The cloud" is just another name for the internet. When you connect to any kind of program for shopping, banking, or social networking, you're using the cloud—and storing information there as well!

When you work in the cloud, data moves from behind your firewall and resides on a centralised, ultra-secure remote virtual server where it can be accessed at any time and from any place via the internet. Cloud computing brings with it an entirely new and significantly enhanced approach to backing up, archiving, and restoring data on demand. It has strengths that traditional backup methods simply can’t match. So why move your business to the cloud? One very good reason is enhanced data security.

Business data faces more threats today than ever before. Consider:

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An unpredictable physical disaster like a fire, or flood that can damage or destroy key IT infrastructure, including servers responsible for storing, backing up or restoring data, not to mention the data itself.

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Security threats—like malware, ransomware or hackers—are more sophisticated, numerous and devastating than they used to be. In fact, according to the Official Statistics: Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017, 46% of all UK businesses identified at least one cyber security breach or attack in 2016.

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Individual media, like storage tapes or optical disks, are inherently fragile and can fail for reasons ranging from magnetic exposure to physical loss or damage.

Backups are not continuous, meaning that all the data created since the last backup is at risk.

There are many advantages beyond data security such as:

  • The cloud is easy to use and maintain—you can be up and running in a matter of days rather than weeks (or months!) and have no server to maintain

  • Your business is freed up from the limitations of hardware and software that continually go out of date

  • The software is easy to access—log-into your business from your computer, iPad® or tablet using any internet connection

  • Your data is more secure—your information is automatically stored offsite and ECi performs all data backup, at no charge to you

  • Your data is encrypted so no unauthorised parties—not even ECi—have access to it

  • Console access is controlled by you—this includes content loads, ECi software updates, and operating system upgrades

  • Remote server maintenance that reduces loss of productivity due to server downtime

  • Easy management of multiple locations, vertical products, and services—vital for your business to grow

  • Expenditures on hardware, software, and depreciation can be eliminated, and cash flow can be increased

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