Business Management Software for Office Supplies Dealers

Grow your business using add-on modules

In addition to its bundled package, Horizon® offers add-on solutions and services to meet your business needs, allowing you to fully optimise your day-to-day tasks, expand your services, and create a platform for growth. There is no need to work in multiple software platforms to perform tasks and retrieve information when you use Horizon.

Here's a snapshot of the add-on products we offer for Horizon:

E-commerce Website Design is a personalised subscription service that will help you to develop and maintain your ECi e-commerce site to ensure it remains up to date.

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ECi’s Branded Website Design is a service that will improve your regional search engine optimisation (SEO), generate new leads, drive sales and increase your brand awareness.

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HorizonWeb is a complete, customisable webshop that is tightly integrated with Horizon!

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Acsellerate provides on-demand sales and business intelligence to provide insight into customer buying habits.

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FMAudit lets you manage print and other services with a powerful and unique set of tools.

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JumpTrack proof-of-delivery application speeds up the delivery process by helping dealers plan, capture, and track deliveries.

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Demo Horizon® Software

See Horizon for yourself with a customised demo to suit your needs.


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