Business Management Software for Office Supplies Dealers

A complete business management solution for companies that sell office supplies

It can be a challenge to operate efficiently when your business management tools are fragmented and decentralised. With rising costs, smaller margins and increased competition, it is more important than ever to rely on a solution that can manage every aspect of your business today. If you have to spend hours sifting through and comparing multiple spreadsheets, it becomes an obstacle, preventing you from focusing on growing your business.


Horizon® cloud-based business management software for office supplies companies can simplify and centralise your business processes. Written specifically to address the day-to-day requirements of companies selling office supplies and associated items, Horizon seamlessly integrates all your business functions into one easy-to-use interface. Errors and redundant tasks are reduced, allowing you and your team to focus less on everyday functions and more on profitable growth.

Sales—simplify and streamline your sales process

With robust sales management features, you have all the information you need to provide excellent customer service and increase sales revenues

  • Empower your staff by giving them access to important data to help serve your customers more effectively
  • Easily create quotes, convert quotes to orders, or copy from an existing quote
  • Proactively follow up quotes by setting call back tasks
  • Save time when you build a new order by selecting items from previous orders
  • Protect your margins by automatically upselling and cross-selling items that yield the highest margins
  • Ensure optimal order fulfilment by utilising a real-time check on stock
  • Reduce delivery charges for you and your customers by merging orders

Pricing—give customers personalised pricing

Make your customers feel valued whilst maximising the revenue you generate from individual customers

  • Support many pricing methods including cost-plus, RRP discount, matrix pricing, as well as price bands, customer-specific discounts and contract pricing
  • Protect your margins by pushing items that yield the highest return whilst still giving your customers the products they want
  • Streamline processes by bulk manipulation of contract and catalogue pricing
  • Effortlessly import and maintain contracts including competitor’s prices

Stock—tighten stock levels and increase profits

Without an effective way to keep an accurate and up-to-date record of stock and its location, it’s nearly impossible to run a successful office supplies business

  • Ensure accurate stock records through automatic allocations
  • Obtain precise stock valuations
  • Instantly view stock data on multiple suppliers on one screen, and without having to perform individual stock enquiries
  • View future demands on current stock and review history at product level, using full drilldown capabilities
  • Get a real-time view of stock levels, identifying over/under stocked items as well as split packs; across multiple branches and locations
  • Use Standard and FIFO costing as well as other costing methods

Purchasing—improve cash flow through intelligent buying

Automated purchasing is a key factor for reducing costs and keeping your cash flow healthy

  • Trade electronically with leading industry suppliers/wholesalers
  • Create purchase orders directly from sales orders and electronically transmit to your preferred suppliers
  • Highlight purchase order/invoice discrepancies to ensure you are billed at your agreed price
  • Instantly view stock across your entire shopping list to ensure timely order fulfilment
  • Select supplier and delivery method at order line level
  • Automate the entire purchasing process, and handle any exceptions

Contracts—reduce lost revenue through proactive contract management

Ensure you get the most from contracts in place and gain control with bulk updates

  • Update contract pricing and catalogue prices en-masse using Price Manager
  • Easily project actual profitability against sales for contract review and renewals
  • Reclassify contracts and quotes based upon alternative and more profitable items
  • Confidently calculate contract usage data to support the review and tendering process, i.e. show savings on a basket of products

Catalogues—manage data from multiple sources

Simplify managing a wealth of product data from various sources including Fusion Plus data

  • Easily manage catalogue files, mailers and supplier files
  • Automatically prompt the sales team to offer alternative, additional or substitute products to increase sales and profits
  • Compare supplier prices, including ’retros‘, to achieve the correct buying decision
  • View historical price changes per catalogue or product
  • Customise catalogues and make them accessible at end user/company level

Deliveries—fulfill orders cost-effectively

Streamline the delivery process whilst enhancing customer service

  • Ship goods to a customer from your own warehouse or direct from supplier
  • Print shipping and packing labels when you process a customer's order
  • Add service charges automatically to your sales order
  • Manage deliveries more effectively via JumpTrack® proof-of-delivery software
  • Reduce time spent on proof-of-delivery enquiries

Reporting—make educated business decisions quickly

Get instant access to the critical information you need to manage the most important aspects of your business and keep everyone up to date

  • Get a 360-degree view of operations
  • Customise reports to suit your individual requirements
  • Track profitability of customers, products, contracts, groups and employees
  • Monitor financial performance against budget
  • Schedule reports to run at specific times – for internal use or to send to customers
  • Export the results to Excel® or email for further analysis

Accounting—succeed in business with sound finances

Efficiently managing your finances is at the core of your business and is critical to your continued success. Fully integrated accounts functions:

Accounts Payable
  • Process creditor invoices and payments
  • Match a creditors invoice with the purchase order
  • View all transaction history for any supplier
  • Electronically send payment remittances to your suppliers
  • Historically age creditors reporting
Accounts Receivable
  • Generate invoices from delivery notes, eliminating data re-entry errors
  • Print, fax or e-mail invoices directly to customers
  • View all transaction history for any customer
  • Allocate customer payments to invoices including partial payments
  • Process cash, cheque, direct deposit and credit card receipts
  • Post miscellaneous cash receipts directly to a Nominal account, bypassing the debtors ledger
  • Monitor current status of the customer's account and set credit limits and undertake systematic credit control activities
  • Historically age debtors reporting
General Ledger
  • Maintain budgets for any account and year to improve financial analysis
  • Post transactions into prior and future periods
  • Create recurring entries for regular, fixed amount journals
  • Build transactions which can be automatically reversed in the next period
  • Manage and reconcile multiple bank accounts and have multiple statements open
Multi-Currency Management
  • Define foreign currencies and their exchange rates relative to your home currency
  • Maintain exchange rates using effective dates
  • Produce quotes and invoices for your customers in their own currency
  • Manage international purchases

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