Vendor EDI

Electronic Data Interchange
(EDI) increases productivity and reduces errors

ECI offers EDI with key vendors

What is EDI? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a direct electronic exchange of information between your business and vendor partners. ECI Software solution offers EDI that allows you to securely and reliably place orders electronically with many industry wholesalers and co-ops, increasing productivity and reducing costly errors. In many cases, you can also receive remittance advice, invoices, price updates, catalog updates, item images and more.

Save time, improve accuracy, and reduce errors with EDI

EDI eliminates manual processes with vendors

Manually placing orders with vendors?

EDI securely and reliably communicates with wholesalers and co-ops, reducing costs and human error. EDI eliminates printed POs, hand entry of receipts, and manual SKU and price updates. It also helps process orders, receiving, and payments faster while improving accuracy of inventory management data.

Are special orders a pain?

EDI includes full vendor catalogs making it easy to find and order special items. Enhance your customer experience and improve order accuracy by including item pictures within your ECI system.

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EDI Empowers Your Business

Leverage basic and advanced EDI options


Electronically transmit/receive:

  • Purchase orders (POs)
  • PO updates confirming shipped item(s)
  • Vendor invoices that automatically load into Spruce Accounts Payable
  • Pricing updates
  • File maintenance and catalog updates
  • And much more!
Data On Screen

Advanced EDI available for:

  • ACE Rewards
  • DIB Rewards
  • True Value Rewards
  • And other advanced vendor features

Eliminate redundant entry and reduce costly errors

Our Import Wizard uploads takeoffs and other orders from vendors

EDI Import Wizard Vendor Order Online
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Import from software partners including:

  • Andersen iQ and iQ+
  • 20/20 Design
  • ProKitchen
  • Import Wizard
  • Quaker Windows & Doors

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