Data Collection Agent

The Data Collection Agent (DCA) can be installed on a non-dedicated server at a client location and reside in the user devices or on small computers such as Raspberry Pis.

Model definition files

Created from manufacturer specifications, model definition files offer precise targeting of critical device data points.

Remotely monitor customer print environments

Custom scan intervals

Set independent scan intervals for device discovery, meters, supplies, errors, and attributes for timely data collection.

Synchronised differential transmission

Only data that has changed or values that have been updated are transmitted to the web interface.

Keep your digital heartbeat active

DCA Pulse provides a heartbeat to PrintFleet Central confirming that the DCA is active, reducing the number of stale DCAs.

Cross-platform integration

Our DCA can be deployed in the traditional Windows® environment as well as macOS®, Linux®, and Raspberry Pi®

Remote management

Configure all available settings, retrieve logs, initiate scans, and run MIB walks from the comfort of your office.

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