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Enhance your MPS Offerings with User Management

Leading Print Management Solution from PrintAudit.

Manage the user and the device!

A robust print management tool can help your customers reduce the cost of document output, increase their document security practices, and provide flexible cost recovery methods. With a simplified install process, your customers can quickly see all their print information in one location, empowering them to reduce costs by understanding every document they produce.

User Management Features
Print Analysis

Significantly Reduce Printing Costs

Significantly reduce costs by understanding and managing every document that they produce.

  • Automatically track 100% of your customers printing, including local, networked and direct-to-IP devices.
  • Spot equipment abuses with powerful volume analysis reporting tools that detail who is printing the most and to what devices, what is being printed and more.
  • Save money by revealing printing inefficiencies such as excessive printing to high cost personal printers.
  • Installs silently to tens, hundreds or thousands of workstations.
  • Powerful, fully web-based reporting tools.
User and Document Security

Eliminate Security Risks

Documents that are left at the printer are a security risk, costly expense, and an environmental concern.

  • Release print jobs by simply tapping your proximity card.
  • Seamless integration with Google Cloud Print.
  • Create release codes to share with others.
  • Eliminate the risk of print jobs being stored on the hard drive of the device.
  • Use the "My Print Audit" app to release print jobs from any web enabled device.
Print Governance

Ensure Printing Efficiency

  • Create cost and eco-conscious users by informing users of job costs and environmental impact before they print.
  • Ensure your most efficient printers are being used by redirecting jobs from high-cost to low-cost devices.
  • Maintain document security with rules that can prevent confidential documents from being printed or inform you when they are.
  • Control colour costs by limiting color usage by the user, computer, printer, number of pages, application and much more.
  • Reduce abuse by encouraging or forcing users to print on both sides of the page.
Embedded Data Collection

Manage Copying at the Printer

User Management solutions can be embedded on print devices to easily track, charge and secure all of your customers walk-up copying, faxing, and scanning.

We partner with the following manufacturers:

  • HP
  • Lexmark
  • Sharp
  • Kyocera
  • Konica Minolta
Cost Accounting

Enable Customers to Recover Costs

Your customers that are failing to recover their printing and photocopying costs are potentially losing thousands of pounds in valuable capital every month.

  • Automatically track every print or plot produced in your environment by prompting for a PIN number, project code or client/matter number.
  • Encourage economical printing by creating declining balances based on the job cost, total pages, colour pages, or black & white pages.
  • Automate 100 percent of your client billing processes.
  • Seamlessly integrate data with all popular accounting packages. Recapture the cost of the software in as little as 6 weeks.
  • Optional tracking for copying, scanning, and faxing.
Focused For Your Industry
  • Office Equipment Dealers
  • Value-added Resellers
  • Managed Print Providers
  • Managed IT Field Service Providers
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Are your margins shrinking?

Build recurring revenue

Margins are tight and competition is high, which means it’s becoming increasingly important to look for other competitive differentiators that will help you create new recurring revenue streams, win deals, and increase customer satisfaction.

User Management Secure Printing
Customers need secure printing?

Secure release and push/pull printing

Help customers increase their security procedures by only releasing print jobs with your proximity card, creating secure release codes, or authenticating from the device screen itself. Increase compliance with HIPPA, for example, by tracking 35-40 pieces of information from every print job.

Need detailed invoices?

Combine device and user data

Reduce the number of questions regarding your regular cost-per-copy or MPS invoices by sharing not only the volume of print but what was printed, by whom, and when.

User Management Persona Noncontract Device Woes
Non-contract device woes?

Create rules to drive sales

The User Management tool reduces worry about your customers' print environment because you can create over four million unique rules and print routes to ensure they are printing to the devices under contract. The more information you have about their printing practices means you can streamline your supplies fulfillment and service delivery as well.

One of the biggest opportunities to both expand the scope of your offerings and grow your business is User Management.

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Looking beyond the device itself provides a wealth of opportunity for you and your team. We’ve heard it many times before in the business technology space – ‘margins are shrinking because people are printing less.’ User management can help you build back margins that might be shrinking due to declining print volumes by capitalising on functionality like secure print and rules-based printing.

User Management has enabled business technology providers like you, to secure over 100 million print jobs, save over £145 million since 1999, track 3.5 billion documents and save 450,00 trees every year!


Enhancements and integrations streamline efficiency.

Free up your time to focus on what matters most--your customers.

EA Add On Device Management

Device Management

Print management solutions

ECI’s industry-leading family of print management solutions range from simple rapid assessment to advanced, managed services offering unparalleled agnostic data collection, data integrity and back end support. Available in multiple languages, our device management solutions empower OEMs, dealers and distributors in over 100 countries to sustain rich customer relationships through creating exceptional value for their clients.

Device Management e automate


Integrated business management software

If you sell, service, and support technology products e-automate business management software is your one-stop source to keep track of all your serialized devices.

From accounting and contracts to inventory, purchasing, sales and customer service, e-automate software that removes the need for disparate systems, streamlines critical daily processes, and provides real-time visibility into every area of a service driven organization. E-automate seamlessly blends its core solution, add-on products, and supplier integrations to provide your business with a single, end-to-end management and information system.

RF Persona Acsellerate

Acsellerate CRM

Easy customer insight

In the office or the field, Acsellerate® CRM increases customer retention, maximises sales from existing customers, and builds an effective pipeline. Integrating with your e-automate® software, critical account, lead, and contact information is at your fingertips. In a few clicks, you can:

  • View details specifically for e-automate customers
  • Gain service insight
  • Simplified views specifically for e-automate customers
  • Monitor your expiring leases and contracts
  • View current meter readings as well as 3, 6, and 12-month average volumes
  • Customise user group or individual privileges to effectively manage critical data and exporting capabilities
  • Create an on-demand modular business review for customers (part of the Hosted CRM version) review customer history, open tasks, see overdue activities, and view appointments.

Acsellerate Details

Job BOSS Integrations Sage50


Total cost of ownership tool

QuickDeal enables sales representatives to quickly and easily create proposals for prospects and customers, pulling usage data from our device management solutions. A salesperson can create a proposal with the current state of device data including accessories, service costs, and usage. QuickDeal then sources equipment upgrades from the database to meet the customer’s objectives and automatically generates a total cost of ownership with a proposal that compares expenses and value in the current state with the proposed state.

QuickDeal ensures you have everything you need to close the deal and be profitable!

Device Management Mobile Mapping


Device location viewer

Now available on its own or within FMAudit software and products from PrintFleet, MobileMapping not only gives you a bird’s eye view of your customers’ devices, it will change the way you see sales and service. Using a mobile device in the field, MobileMapping shows you exactly where each machine is located. Increase efficiency by mapping devices to your customers’ unique floor plans.

  • Optimise cost-per-click (CPC) counts by identifying and mapping all contracted devices
  • Protect against toner swapping by optimizing non-reporting devices
  • Drive sales by identifying over- and under-utilized machines
  • Get detailed information on consumables, service history, and alerts with one-touch access
  • Uncover hidden opportunities for increased total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Ensure that contracted devices are the only devices being replenished and serviced
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