ECI Software Solutions Releases New Version of Data Collection Agent for FMAudit

New functionalities offer multi-device monitoring capabilities for print device dealers and their customers

ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced a new version of Data Collection Agent (DCA) – a software application that collects critical meter, performance and supply-level data from multi-function print devices – for FMAudit® users. This new and improved capability will allow users to remotely monitor print environments, making it easier for dealers and their customers to maintain visibility into their operations.

Manually collecting metered device data is a strenuous task. On top of that, device dealers are in charge of billing, service scheduling and activity reporting for their clients. For enterprises that house large amounts of printing equipment, accomplishing all of these necessary tasks can be daunting. ECI’s FMAudit is a cloud-based application designed to simplify and streamline meter collection and billing, supplies and service delivery, enabling an exceptional customer experience.

FMAudit’s DCA application helps users monitor a multitude of devices at once – giving dealers the flexibility to proactively manage supplies and reduce service costs. Powered by print data accumulated from 25,000+ models, DCA collects critical meter, performance and supply-level information from multi-functional printing devices to power any managed print service and deliver accurate, reliable insights.

The new version of DCA provides users with the following capabilities:

  • Remote management and configuration – allowing users to track activity offsite
  • Model definition files – offering real-time device updates without having to update the DCA itself
  • Custom scan intervals – enabling instant access to device discovery, meters, supplies, errors and attributes
  • Cross platform monitoring – available via Mac OS X, Linux – such as Ubuntu and Debian – and dedicated specialized form factor devices like Raspberry Pi

As a Zebra Technologies PartnerConnect registered reseller, ECI will also expand monitoring support for additional Zebra devices under their managed print contract.

“We monitor over 15 million devices globally across all our Device Management solutions, supporting our position as the experts in managed print services,” said Laryssa Alexander, President of the Field Service Division at ECI. “With this new version, we are taking the best-in-class from our suite of solutions and making them even better. This is the first step towards updating DCA for FMAudit and developing a new Device Management solution.”

While ECI rolls out the newest version of DCA, all Device Management platforms are still being supported. To learn more about the DCA and ECI’s FMAudit, visit:

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