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Analytics Platform and Dashboard

Gain powerful insights and make better business decisions

The power of analytics and easy-to-use visual insights right at your fingertips.

By making dashboards and focused insights available to you in and alongside the applications you use the most, the Cognytics analytics platform will make it easier for you and your teams to see the big picture and quickly identify details to help you achieve greater business success.

We’re revolutionising how small and medium-sized enterprises gain actionable insights from data

Cognytics analytics platform helps make data easily understandable and immediately usable so everyone in your organisation can improve performance.

  • Seamlessly integrated with your ECI business management software, analytics dashboards powered by Cognytics simplify complex data sets to provide users with role-based actionable information.
  • Working behind the scenes, Cognytics uncovers hidden trends about your business, providing a window not only into how your business is performing but how you’re performing in your industry.
  • Improving employee productivity, easy-to-use graphical dashboards offer actionable visualisations, keeping them focused on high priority items that have the most impact.
  • Getting the right information to the right people in and along-side the business applications they use the most.

More than just business intelligence, reporting and analytics, Cognytics helps transform your business from reactive to predictive, and ensures you are positioned to dramatically improve the health and competitiveness of your business today and in the future.

How do I get Cognytics?

The Cognytics analytics platform and insights are tailored to each of the vertical solutions we offer. Cognytics is currently available for several of ECI’s business systems.

All Acsellerate customers also have Cognytics as part of their CRM solution through the My Day dashboard.

What are people saying about Cognytics?

Cognytics allows our management team to more easily use data to make strategic decisions that improve operations – whether it’s staffing changes, shifting resources or subcontractors, identifying sales trends, reviewing warranty claims and trends, or measuring specific community performance. The dashboards feature has been a game changer for our company.

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