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MarkSystems' Senior Consultants bring their software and process experience to each implementation. In this blog post, we feature Victoria Schmidt, Business Consultant with MarkSystems. We sat down with Victoria to learn more about what makes an implementation successful and get her advice on what builders need to look for in a new system.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

For the past six years, I’ve worked as a business consultant for MarkSystems. Before ECI, I worked with industrial and commercial construction, as well as smart start applications. My background is in project management, focusing on analyzing existing processes, suggesting improvements, and managing the implementation of these changes.

How have you seen the home building industry change in the last few years?

One of the biggest changes I’ve seen is how home builders are starting to focus on their business operations and processes.

To stay current with the growing market and more educated buyers, home builders have recognized the importance of technology plays in producing the quality of product homebuyers EXPECT. Before they even walk through the door—their standards are high!

From internal processes to the actual product, home builders know that they need to streamline operations. They must make their processes more efficient to satisfy the more educated buyer and meet profit goals.

How many builders have you helped during your time on the MarkSystems team?

I have helped over 100 builders implement MarkSystems home builder software or improve their businesses during or after implementation.

What are some of the most successful implementations you've seen, and why were they?

A successful implementation all comes down to the individuals on the home builder’s team.

If management is hands-on and knowledgeable about the industry, the implementation is more likely to be successful, no matter the size of the builder. Since senior leadership can specify how they would like their business to grow, it gives us a strong basis to ensure we meet their specific needs.

Equally crucial to a successful implementation is the team working for the home builder. With the proper buy-in from the core team, we can provide more effective training sessions. We can hone-in on processes that are already working for them and take those to the next level with MarkSystems. The key to this change, and usually the significant shift for most home builders, is moving away from disparate systems. Integrating all aspects of their business to run in one system is a game-changer.

What's your advice to builders looking for a new system?

The more aware you are about your business, the more it helps you define what processes and procedures you must improve to grow your business. Have a clear goal in mind of where you want your business to go and figure out what needs to improve to get there.

There will always be software and processes you can implement to help you along the way. But, I find you will have more success when you know and understand your metrics, data, team, reporting, etc., well enough to see where you need to focus.

What's your favorite feature in MarkSystems?

I don’t have one specific module within MarkSystems that’s my favorite—it's more the concept that it brings to the table: communication. MarkSystems is FULLY integrated, which means no more separation of departments. From sales to purchasing to accounting to warranty to the field, everyone is in one program. Data doesn’t get lost in the communication forest and everything is transparent for all positions. The full integration alleviates duplicate entry, saves overhead time and energy, and keeps communication streamlined. This also enhances reporting, which gives you a clear view of your operations.

What's the one word that describes MarkSystems?


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