Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit

Vertical Markets

Providers of industry-specific business management software

Industry-specific software

ECi Software Solutions specialises in software and technology solutions and services for a diverse group of entrepreneurs in industries within the manufacturing, field and IT services and distribution vertical markets.

ECi offers business systems to support the unique needs of SMBs and independent enterprises that provide office supplies. Our customers range from small start-ups to large, multi-branch organisations.

ECi's field service solutions benefit MPS dealers and resellers of office equipment. Our solutions help service organisations better manage and unify complex processes and disparate departments. When using ECi's ERP solutions, processes such as contract management, accounting, service despatch, monitoring, inventory, and purchasing are simplified. The result is improved efficiency, a healthier, bottom line, and easier scalability.

We serve independent manufacturers not just by providing software that expands as their operations grow, but by also supplying information on how to streamline processes that ultimately help improve the bottom line. 

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