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Shamic SheetMetal
Customer Success Story


"With M1 we can configure the system so it works the way we want it to instead of us working around it."

Luke Crosthwaite, General Manager for Shamic Sheetmetal

Why M1 was the right choice for Shamic Sheetmetal


Choosing the right software to take your manufacturing business into the future is a tough decision. Watch as Luke Crosthwaite takes shares why M1 was the right choice for Shamic Sheetmetal.

Job tracking in detail and on demand


What good is manufacturing ERP software that can't tell you exactly what is going on with your jobs at the click of a button.  Watch the video and learn how M1 helps you stay on top of your job schedule.

Awesome manufacturing software no matter your size


M1 caters for the evolving needs of growing manufacturing operations and is a robust ERP that works well for businesses of all sizes.

Making the crucial impact in ERP implementation


Luke Crosthwaite, General Manager of Shamic Sheetmetal, shares his experience with implementing ECi M1 manufacturing software.

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