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Your complete eCommerce and order management solution

EasyOrder will help to cut costs, improve efficiencies and enhance customer service levels

Transitioning customers from offline to online will reduce transaction costs and improve efficiencies for your business. Many businesses have invested in technology to combat some of the day-to-day challenges, but many have not yet discovered the full value of having a web presence or use it in a very limited way with their B2B clients.

EasyOrder offers a complete ecommerce and order management solution which includes a customer self-service portal. This SaaS model already serves hundreds of organisations worldwide. Since 1998, ECi has been serving customers across the globe along the entire supply chain including manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

Key Features of EasyOrder

EasyOrder comprises a series of important features to help your online business succeed. At a glance these include:

  • Global Solution: multi-currency and support accounting/taxes
  • SEO Friendly: each site is fully indexed for improved Google Rankings
  • Powerful Search: optimised and intuitive search functions as standard
  • Webshop Analysis: measure success of positioning of offers and promotions within the overall site structure
  • Customer Data Management: manage user profiles and access rights
  • Catalogue and Pricing Management: multiple catalogue assortments all with up-to-date unique customer pricing
  • Personalised ordering process
  • Automated Supply Chain: forward orders to external systems, supplier and logistics

    EasyOrder is a robust solution supporting customers who process thousands of order lines. Our hosting infrastructure is closely monitored to ensure optimal performance levels. Our vast experience of working with clients who want EasyOrder to operate within their existing IT framework allows us to get you up and running without delay. You quickly benefit from the immediate cost-savings when you offer your products via the Internet.

    EasyOrder Features
    Web Order Management

    At ECi, we understand that not all businesses operate in the same way. EasyOrder supports the processing of orders from various sources and gives you the tools to control the process flow of each order from beginning to end.

    Merchandising Management

    Powerful merchandising and promotional features support automatic up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Alternatives may be offered for out-of-stock products, and any related items are also listed. Those products which yield the highest margin can be prominently displayed. Options include:

    • Buy one get one free
    • Mix and match
    • Targeted daily deals
    • Loyalty points
    • Switch and save more
    • Alternatives and related items
    Self Service Portal

    EasyOrder is more than a webshop for placing orders. As a 24/7 self-service portal, EasyOrder also gives your customers the information they need quickly and securely. Your customers can:

    • Track order status or amend timed delivery window
    • View order history, invoices, and statements
    • Interrogate stock/inventory in real time
    • Perform request for quotations

    It all adds up to an enhanced level of service with customers swiftly resolving queries online rather than picking up the phone. Your staff are free for other tasks such as building new business relationships.

    Storefront Design

    The options for your webshop's appearance are endless. Whether you want to match the look and feel of your corporate website, build a brand-specific storefront or pick from one of our templates, we can give you a fully customisable solution to meet your exact needs.

    Reporting and Analytics

    An account dashboard offers an instant insight into daily order activities. View orders in progress, make requests for orders subject to cut-offs and see an order summary broken down by pending, waiting approval or on hold. A useful overview provides buying trends and highlights including the overall spend versus budget.

    Want to learn about customer buying habits? EasyOrder offers powerful web analytics that track basket abandonments, reveal purchasing patterns and monitor site traffic.

    Site Administration

    EasyOrder’s easy-to-use Application Manager helps manage custom catalogues, quick order pads, order templates and quoting. Once configured, your customers can view unique stock items, availability, and up-to-date pricing. Individual account holders may manage users by assigning different roles such as buyer, approver or administrator. Multi-level order authorisation and workflows can also be configured. This provides complete control over who may order, how they order, and what they order.


    At ECi we understand that good connectivity and a great browsing experience is paramount to your customers' online experience. EasyOrder’s web interface intelligently responds to different screen sizes to provide a perfect interactive experience.

    Industry experts

    We work with businesses across the entire supply chain, who use EasyOrder to help manage their online business as well as to streamline their internal operations. We continuously develop EasyOrder and its ancillary products to ensure that they will continue to meet the demands of our growing customers. When you partner with ECi Software Solutions, you become a direct beneficiary of these efforts and investments.

    Our powerful solutions are fully customisable to your unique business needs and processes. When it comes to selecting a partner that integrates with your existing investment, we are confident that ECi and EasyOrder are your best choice.

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    Office Supplies

    Office Supplies

    The office supplies industry has been selling products online for many years. Leading multi-branch, multi-country contract stationers as well as smaller, single-site dealers are engaging customers offline and driving them to buy online. As a result of this shift in business, many organisations have achieved significant advantages in the marketplace.

    Avoid These 7 Pitfalls in Manufacturing Materials Inventory Management


    In the world of food and beverage distribution, margins are tight. EasyOrder provides you with all the necessary tools to facilitate quicker ordering methods and provide highly targeted marketing which will help to boost overall sales levels.

    warehouse machinery


    Many manufacturing organisations may not expect to process a high volume of online transactions, but with EasyOrder’s extensive self-service options a web presence can be used to strengthen existing relationships and attract new customers.

    Shop floor scheduling software 300x200


    Wholesale and distribution-oriented businesses face challenges from channel erosion and are under considerable pressure from growing competition, and rising costs. EasyOrder will help you remain competitive and improve business processes.

    EasyOrder Videos

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    Learn how manufacturers can exploit e-commerce to further streamline their business operations

    How Londis benefits from EasyOrder

    Learn how one food wholesaler achieved massive savings by introducing EasyOrder

    An Introduction to EasyOrder

    Learn more about how EasyOrder will help your business to thrive when up against fierce competition

    Success Story: Bavaria

    EasyOrder makes trading relations much simpler

    Brewer Bavaria wanted a more efficient way to communicate with hotels, restaurants and cafés, as well as customers in Australia and various European countries and integration with its SAP system. Operating in the retail, out-of-home and export business, they needed a system that was fast and efficient so that files such as orders and confirmations could be exchanged quickly and efficiently. EasyOrder® has been fully accepted by both Bavaria and Bavaria customers in a short space of time. Within a year after Bavaria Horeca started using the web shop, over four hundred hotels, restaurants and cafes have used it to place their orders.

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