ECI Launches Platform to Connect Office Product Suppliers with more than 500,000 End User accounts

To help office product businesses streamline their supply chain and speed up order lead times for end users, ECI Software Solutions has launched a new platform that connects suppliers directly with distributors.

The new platform called ECI Supplier Partners, connects ECI’s suppliers with its collective database of more than 500,000 end users from businesses across the UK and Europe

In turn it means ECI’s 250+ distribution partners that use Horizon and Progress have easier access to product catalogues to update existing office products and add new lines more flexibly - in line with customers habits and seasonal trends.

ECI’s data shows on average, a catalogue loaded to the Progress or Horizon ERP is viewed by 5,000 end users. This offers suppliers more opportunities for direct exposure to the market.

Paula Newman, Head of Sales, Distribution for Europe at ECI believes the ECI Suppliers Partners platform will help strengthen relationships between all parties involved:

“ECI has been a critical partner for both suppliers and office product providers, across the UK and EMEA for over 20 years. That’s why we’re enhancing our partnerships with the exciting launch of ECI Supplier Partners.

“During a time when ecommerce and online ordering is becoming even more important to businesses, as they add more stock lines and diversify their product offering, this platform allows our customers easier access to product codes and information.

“By helping our customers increase the efficiency of ordering from suppliers, it delivers a best in-class integration for all parties, offering suppliers multiple opportunities for direct exposure to the market – from increased marketing activity via our channels, to presence at ECI-hosted customer roadshows.

“Following recent months, businesses are revising their practices and tech across the board in order to become more agile. We feel ECI Supplier Partners is another way to help both suppliers and customers achieve that.”

Visit the ECI Supplier Partners Platform here.