ECI implement more than 20 new webshops in record time for Staples Finland

ECI, the leader in cloud-based business management solutions, has today announced the implementation of 21 webshops for Staples Finland, a project that was completed in record time.

Having been acquired by Wulff in the Spring, Staples Finland was seeking to find a new e-commerce provider for its resellers by 1 June.

It selected ECI EasyOrder, a complete e-commerce and order management solution, which includes a customer self-service portal, SEO friendly functionality and a rich dataset giving instant insight into daily order activities.

Staples Finland already had its own EasyOrder shop, however 21 resellers sought to establish their own webshops.

Ina Mickelsson, Head of eCommerce and IT, Wulff Solutions Oy, commented:

“Our old Netshops were quite dated and given the importance of e-commerce in today’s world, we knew we needed something more modern and fresh. ECI could offer a more responsive design and enhanced technology. Given our existing relationship there was no doubt in my mind that they were right for this project.

“Many of the websites had been up and running for a number of years, but were failing to attract buyers or online orders on the scale we know they should. I’m confident that these new webshops will make a big difference and switching to EasyOrder will help resellers secure more revenue and deliver a much improved customer experience.”

Brian Bowerfind, president, business solutions at ECI, commented:

“It was great to work with Staples Finland on a project of this scale and we are all excited to see the impact of these new webshops on their business.

“We started the project in mid-April, 2021 and had it finished by the deadline which was 1 June. For an implementation of this kind, this is very quick. We would normally develop and launch one webshop in this timeframe, so to launch 21 is a massive achievement for the team.”

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