ECI Customers Get Access to Enhanced New CRM Analytics and Dashboards

ECI Software Solutions has today given hundreds of Horizon and Progress customers in the UK access to enhanced new Acsellerate dashboards to help them to make data-driven decisions.
The leader in cloud-based business management solutions supplies software to a significant proportion of the UK business supplies industry. It said the new functionality will offer business owners and sales managers access to critical CRM intelligence so they can more effectively and efficiently make decisions to improve business outcomes.

An integrated sales intelligence and CRM solution, Acsellerate puts business-critical information at the customer’s fingertips. The platform is purpose-built for small and medium-sized dealers in the office equipment, office products and contract furniture industries.

Business development teams will use the activity dashboards to visualise data, such as:
Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - enhanced CRM metrics will help manage activity levels and quickly drive alignment, focus and performance

Lead Management - at-a-glance visualisations will enable the easy reassignment of leads to drive improved results in prospecting and new customer acquisition

Sales Team Productivity - managers will receive dashboards to visualise team productivity and provide coaching for performance improvement

Overdue Tasks - improve efficiency by quickly reviewing overdue tasks and ensure team members are following up in a timely manner

"The addition of activity dashboards provides our customers with a new, revolutionary level of business insight," said Brian Bowerfind, ECI Distribution Division President. "With these enhanced analytics capabilities, busy sales leads and teams can easily visualise key metrics, evaluate their activities and be proactively directed to actionable insights to improve their performance across the board."

Activity dashboards are built on ECI’s cloud-based analytics and data visualisation platform, Cognytics™, which was announced in August 2019. The capabilities are currently integrated with Horizon® and Progress®, and are immediately accessible to more than 2,200 ECI customers worldwide.

To learn more about Acsellerate or to request a demo, please visit: