ECI announces new business intelligence dashboards for Horizon customers

ECI, the leader in cloud-based business management solutions, has today announced a new toolset for its Horizon ERP software. Horizon sales teams can now access Cognytics Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards, designed to harness data, support smarter decision-making and increase revenue.

The standard sales dashboard is designed with sales reps in mind, and the information displayed can give a salesperson a detailed and instant overview of how they are performing and what revenue, buying trends and sales history their accounts are generating.

For sales managers, there’s the sales executive dashboard, this offers an overview of the sales team figures, individual performance and gives a wider look at the business. Using the executive dashboard it’s easy to switch between these views and access to the specific information needed.

Ben Jarvis, product manager at ECI, said:

“For busy management and sales teams wanting to easily compile, navigate and understand their ever-expanding business data, these new business intelligence dashboards act as the perfect data visualisation tool. Embedded within their Horizon software, the integrated dashboards eliminate the tedious work of combining multiple business reports, able to turn complex data into useful information that drives fact-based decision making.

“This is a really exciting new product and one we have been working on in conjunction with our US development teams for some time. Having listened to customers over the past 18 months, we know data-driven decision making has become even more essential. We want to ensure that sales teams can visualise key performance metrics, and importantly, that they can convert that to information which can be acted upon quickly.

“Horizon users can access a wealth of great reports and generate a huge amount of essential business data. In today’s increasingly digital world, data visualisation tools are essential and we know that this product will help our Horizon customers uncover new trends around how their business is performing.”

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