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Powerful, all-in-one ERP solution that provides real-time operational visibility and drives business growth.

Integrate your key business operations.

Bringing together critical business processes within a single ERP, our industry-leading M1® software has been developed to support small and medium-sized discrete manufacturers. With real-time visibility across all areas of the business, from quoting to shipping, M1 enables you to become more efficient and improve commerciality.

M1 Features

Effortlessly Maximize Production Efficiency

Real-Time Operational Visibility

M1 lets you easily share job information with your shop floor team to manage production efficiently and monitor progress in real-time.

Keep jobs on schedule with insights into capacity, inventory, and equipment downtime.

Track labor and resource consumption, quickly compare estimate-to-actual costs of jobs and analyse profitability by job or customer.


Make Better Purchasing Decisions

Lower Costs, Reduce Risk and Improve Quality

M1’s robust purchasing features provide real-time insights to help you make informed decisions on what, when, and how much to purchase from each supplier.

Purchase materials directly to the job or stock to streamline production. Create backorders automatically and track all outstanding orders with the Open PO report.

Accurately report the value of goods received with M1’s efficient management of PO receipts for individual, partial, or multiple deliveries.


Realise Higher Profits

Manage Finances in One Integrated System

M1 ERP integrates finances, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, fixed assets register, and credit card processing into one secure system.

The M1 General Ledger module helps manage and report financial activities. Capture and post transactions related to production, shipping, receiving, receivables, and payables.


Stock the Right Inventory

Optimise Your Inventory to Improve the Bottom Line

M1’s comprehensive inventory management features integrate all business data in real-time, accurately accounting for inventory data across business functions.

Tie work orders and bills to existing materials with features that include materials tracking, inventory monitoring, and automatic reordering.

With M1 ERP, you can achieve an optimal balance of inventory levels to meet market demand while minimising tied-up capital.


Less Waste and Higher Customer Satisfaction

Maintain Conformance and Improve Efficiency

Lapses in product quality control can destroy your reputation and negatively impact your bottom line.

Custom-configure any quality management features to comply with your company’s quality compliance needs.

Automate and customise your requirements for inspection, analyse quality data and trends, and review improvements.


Simplify and Streamline Your Sales Process

Empower Your Sales Teams and Delight Your Customers

M1 will empower your team with quick access to real-time data and the tools they need to support business growth, departmental integration, communication, and traceability.

Delight your customers with on-time order delivery and superior customer service.

Ready to increase your sales?

Product Configurator

Effortlessly Configure Products

Create Value for Customers

With M1’s Product Configurator, you can effortlessly configure products to the exact needs of your customers.

Our Product Configurator is easy to use and lets you design anything from a simple, single-level bill of materials (BOM) to complex multilevel products.

Easily create and configure complex dimensional parts from Quoting, Order Entry, Job Entry, and Lead Entry.

Business Activity Monitoring

Your Personal Business Assistant

Stay in Control with Intelligent Alerts

KnowledgeSync™ Alerts & Automation is a business activity monitoring solution that combines business intelligence, alerts, and workflow to keep you on top of your business.

I was floored by what KnowledgeSync could do. It has improved receipt turn-around time and has saved Toyo $10-12,000 a month.Dave, IT Manager at ToyoInk.

KnowledgeSync empowers your business to become more customer-centric.


Manage Your Shipping with Confidence

Ship On Time, Every Time

Automate and streamline shipping processes and ship on time, every time. Deliver complete visibility into your shipping processes with insightful performance analysis tools. M1 ERP seamlessly integrates with several global shippers.

Ship different types of products from inventory, work orders, and purchase orders. The shipping analytics tools let you monitor on-time delivery performance and use the results as a metric for continuous improvement.

Cloud Based

Simple, Secure, Saves Money

Protect Your Business

We give you confidence that your business is protected with our enterprise-grade compliance, security, back up, and support.

Investing in the M1 cloud-based environment will help you lower IT costs and overall operational expenses, letting you reinvest the money back into the business.

Focused For Your Industry
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • High Technology Manufacturers
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Job Shops
  • Medical Manufacturing
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Oil & Gas Part Manufacturers
  • Plastics & Rubber Part Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Shops
  • Ship Building & Marine Manufacturers
  • Stone & Concrete Producers
M1 Persona Disjointed Systems
CEO/Business Owner/GM


CEO/Business Owner/GM

With M1, I am in control of my business.

M1 makes my business more efficient because it integrates critical business processes into one streamlined system. I have real-time visibility and insight to make informed business decisions quickly, manage costs proactively, and run my business profitably.

M1 empowers me to stay on top of my business operations effortlessly, including scheduling, production, sales, and shipping activities.

It gives me comprehensive financial management tools to help me manage the present and plan for the future.

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The GM's perspective: Luke Crosthwaith, Shamic Sheetmetal

M1 Persona Production Flexibility
Production & Operations Manager


Production & Operations Manager

M1 automates and streamlines our production processes.

With M1, I can easily share job information with my shop floor team to manage production efficiently and monitor progress in real-time.

It’s easy to keep jobs on schedule with insights into capacity, inventory, and equipment downtime. If a customer requests an earlier delivery date, I can easily re-arrange the production schedule using drag and drop capabilities to meet the customer’s request.

Analysing profitability by job or by a customer is easy because I can track labor and resource consumption and able to compare estimate-to-actual costs of jobs throughout the production process.

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The Director of Operations' perspective: Kody Flowers, May Group

M1 Persona Delivery Deadlines
Purchasing & Inventory Manager


Purchasing & Inventory Manager

With M1, I make smarter purchasing decisions.

As a purchasing manager, I can’t imagine running our business without M1’s purchasing and inventory features. M1’s purchasing capabilities provide real-time insights into various business data to help me make informed decisions on what, when, and how much to purchase from each supplier.

With M1’s Purchasing Planner, I can generate purchasing suggestions based on a supplier, part, job date, or inventory class and create purchase orders automatically, saving a lot of time in the process.

M1 lets me manage dimensional inventory, individual stocking locations, and multiple part number cross-references. These are great features for us because we manage inventory in multiple warehouses.

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The Engineering Director's Perspective: Mark Walters, Williams RDM

M1 Persona Business Visibility
COO/CFO/Financial Manager


COO/CFO/Financial Manager

We trust our business data with M1.

Before M1, we didn’t know what was happening throughout all functional areas of our business. Our systems didn’t talk to each other; we used spreadsheets to manage data and had a lot of data errors because all entries were manual.

With M1, most of our business processes, such as planning, production, purchasing, are now integrated, which gives us an accurate picture of our business at any given time.

We have full visibility into all production, from the time the product is purchased to the time it is shipped to the customer.

We also trust our business data because we drastically reduced manual data entries. Our business reports take minutes to generate, instead of hours in the past.

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The President & COO's Perspective: Dale Ball, Ace Metal Crafts

For over 20 years, M1 software has been empowering manufacturers worldwide to manage operations efficiently and profitably, and grow their businesses.

Read the M1 story.

In 1992, Bowen and Groves was founded by Geoff Groves, a manufacturing and engineering expert who decided to design a software program that allowed users to be more efficient and productive while being empowered with a uniquely flexible ERP that could easily be adapted to any environment. Launching in 2000, M1 has been satisfying the unique needs of manufacturers and continues to be an engine of growth for manufacturing businesses worldwide. Acquired by ECI Software Solutions in 2009, M1 ERP is the benchmark in excellence for manufacturing facilities around the world. We’re here for the long haul so that you can be too.

We Offer Innovative Solutions
We specialise in developing innovative solutions to help you succeed in competitive industries and against Big Box enterprises. Our solutions are tested for both qualities but to make sure they are easy to use. Our customers are actively involved in the evolution of our products, which ensures they are industry-specific and relate to real businesses just like yours. Continual enhancement means that the software evolves along with your business. New features are regularly provided to all current customers through periodic version releases at no additional cost to you.

We Focus On Your Growth
Our representatives are focused on helping your business grow and work closely with you to ensure you have the tools you need. All of our products and third-party offerings are carefully chosen to help improve efficiency and save money, enabling you to focus on customer service, expansion, and competition.

We Provide Top Tier Support

Our Support Team truly cares about our customers and wants to help them succeed. Every team member has experience in the industry he or she serves, which means that every time you call, you get support built on true industry expertise. Our Support technicians are also cross-trained in both software and hardware to help resolve issues quickly without being handed off to several technicians.

We Train You For Success
When you go live with an ECI product, training doesn’t come to a halt. A dedicated account representative always available by phone is assigned to you. Additionally, we provide a variety of training options to fit your specific needs, from free webinars to on-site assessments to our users’ meeting, Connect Conference.

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