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Customer relationship management and business intelligence software

Drive Sales Performance and Profitability.

A CRM and business intelligence software for small and medium-sized businesses.

Acsellerate® is a leading Business intelligence and CRM solution for small business, integrating your business data and helping you to quickly and easily understand your customers and turn those insights into tangible results.

Acsellerate Features
Integrated CRM

Integrated CRM links your sales trends with your sales team activities. Acsellerate is different from similar technologies because we offer one application that combines CRM, analytics, and advanced reporting.

An effective CRM helps the entire organisation consistently anticipate and respond to customer needs, creating increased satisfaction and loyalty.

This powerful combined tool provides your organisation with all the information necessary to understand customer purchase trends, manage leads in your sales pipeline, and effectively monitor sales and margin opportunities.

By linking your sales data to your sales activities, management and sales teams can efficiently prioritise initiatives and create meaningful plans to reach their goals.

Acsellerate CRM will help you improve profitability through increased customer loyalty and drive new prospects to a sale.

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Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM saves time as you log calls or update your "to-dos." You can use the mobile app to look up contacts or prospects in the field and quickly check key stats on your accounts

Everyone is busy. Don't wait until you are back in the office to update your priority list...Use mobile CRM and get it done now! The app is easy-to-use and available on your smart phone. Leverage this tool to improve productivity when you are on the go.

Profitability Manager

Profitability Manager automates your sub cross-reference process, making it easy to proactively consult with your customers on items that can save them money while increasing your bottom line.

Reviewing your customers’ usage and determining more profitable substitute items is a time-consuming and painfully manual process. Acsellerate’s Profitability Manager automates this activity.

Here’s how it works:

  • Profitability Manager analyses your customer’s usage
  • It automatically identifies substitute items from our proprietary cross-reference database
  • Profitability Manager calculates your margin increase and potential customer savings and communicates with your ERP system in real-time, pulling current costs and customer price plans
  • It allows you to alter suggested sell prices in the report, automatically updating margin and savings calculations
  • Finally, it sends desired substitutes to the Customer Business Review report
Reporting and Analytics

Powered by Cognytics™ Dashboards and Analytics platform, Acsellerate’s analytics revolutionize the way businesses evaluate and manage their customer relationships.

Know exactly when customers’ transaction levels begin to dwindle and receive automatic alerts with cross-selling and margin improvement opportunities. Our interactive dashboards powered by Cognytics not only recognise underperforming accounts, but the dynamic nature will allow you to quickly determine the best way to yield improvement. By analysing customer buying behaviour, Acsellerate will efficiently help you retain your best customers while identifying sales and margin improvement potential that impacts your bottom line.

A variety of flexible, customisable reporting options that can be accessed on-line in a matter of seconds. Our report generator allows users to quickly access necessary information for assigned accounts, making it easy to track daily sales performance and uncover margin opportunities.

Unique to Acsellerate, the Customer Business Review is a comprehensive report which offers a professional analysis of your account's purchases and your performance as their supplier. By tailoring this report to meet your customers' needs and your business goals, you will position your organisation as a proactive partner, ultimately helping you win new business and grow.

Purchasing Intelligence

CXintelligence™ on-demand purchasing intelligence solution for your customers helps you win accounts by allowing specific customers to run reports and access their purchasing information at any time.

Compete with the big box chains by positioning your company as a proactive partner providing transparent access to purchasing information. Comprehensive account and departmental information is presented through interactive dashboards and detailed reports, including:

  • Top Returned Item Analysis
  • Item Usage Reporting
  • Departmental Percentage Spend Analysis
  • All information is customer-facing only, so you never worry about providing data with your cost or gross profit percentage.

Stop wasting valuable time creating custom reports for key accounts

Focused For Your Industry
  • Homebuilders and Land Developers
  • Office Equipment Dealers
  • Office Products Dealers
  • Contract Furniture Dealers
  • Managed Print Services

What People Are Saying About Acsellerate

Acsellerate has become a critical tool for our dealership on several key levels. It’s a powerful resource to help us identify new sales opportunities, strengthen customer relationships, make better purchasing decisions, and improve margins. I use it daily and so do several of our other key managers and salespeople.

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The ECI Acsellerate team is made up of people just like you.

The Acsellerate Story

Since no two businesses are alike, we take the time to understand our customers and focus on developing solutions that have a direct, positive impact on their bottom line. Most companies have tremendous opportunities available within their business management systems but lack the tools to unlock that information to drive results. Acsellerate helps you access this vital information and uncover the best opportunities for profitable growth!

Acsellerate leverages technology to process and interpret your data nightly, providing instant access to vital information about your business. By proactively delivering information to your sales and management team, we help you acquire new business and retain your best customers, while uncovering opportunities for profitable growth.

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