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How To Keep Your Business Safe Through The Pandemic Resource Tile


How to Keep Your Business Safe Through the Pandemic

Learn some of the key elements of a safe and effective pandemic operating plan.

Spruce Overview Video Resource Tile


Spruce 2-Minute Overview Video

Find out why timber and builders merchants have trusted Spruce point-of-sale and ERP to run their businesses for over 30 years.

Doument Management


Document Management Demo Video

View this 5-minute video to see how Spruce links all transactions, even handwritten or faxed records, giving you access to everything.

Graphical Analytics Video Resource Tile


Spruce Analytics Demo Video

Watch this 5-minute video to learn how Spruce Graphical Analytics can help you spot trends and gain insight to make better decisions.

Accounts Receivable Tile


Spruce Accounts Receivable Demo Video

Watch this 5-minute video to see how Spruce can simply your invoice process, improve cash flow, and help satisfy customers.

Cash Is King Tips To Get Paid Faster Resource Tile


Cash Is King: Tips to Get Paid Faster

Examine best practices to manage accounts receivable, automate processes, and simplify your accounting routines.

5 Inventory Management Pitfalls To Avoid Resource Tile


5 Inventory Management Pitfalls to Avoid

Read how to streamline purchasing and inventory processes to drive efficiency, eliminate errors, and reduce costs.

Ditch Your Filing Cabinets Resource Tile


How eDocument Management Can Streamline Your Business

Ditch your filing cabinets, reduce paper documents, and improve the accessibility of business information.

Curtis Lumber Inventory Management Video Resource Tile


Curtis Lumber Manages Multiple Locations

Hear how Spruce software helps Curtis Lumber manage their significant inventory that is distributed across 21 diverse locations.

Herringtons Pro Link Video Resource Tile


Herrington's Uses ProLink to Foster Loyalty

ProLink gives Herrington's customers on-demand access to shopping, account info, and delivery scheduling.

Recession Proof Your LBM Business Resource Tile


Recession-Proof Your Business

Discover how successful builders merchants can seize market share following shifts in the economy.

Curtis Lumber Testimonial Video Resource Tile


Why Curtis Lumber Considers Spruce a Business Partner

Watch this 2-minute video to hear why Spruce is more than a software vendor.

Herringtons Ease Of Use Video Resource Tile


Spruce Makes It Easy To Train New Employees

Watch this short video to hear why ease-of-use was a main reason that Herrington's chose Spruce.

Simplifed Statements Video Resource Tile


Streamline Month-end Statements with Spruce

Simplify your statement and invoicing processes to save you time and money every month.

Curtis Lumber Flexible Statements Video Resource Tile


Curtis Lumber Saves Time with Flexible Month-End Statements

Emailing statements has drastically reduced paper statements mailed to customers.

Curtis Lumber Ease Of Use Video Resource Tile


Spruce Makes it Easy For Curtis Lumber to Train New Employees

Curtis Lumber loves Spruce software and feels it's easy to learn and use.

Simplifed Inventory Video Resource Tile


Spruce Simplifies Inventory Management

Watch this 60-second video to see how Spruce helps you better manage inventory.

Herringtons Testimonial Video Resource Tile


Why Herrington's Switched to Spruce

The industry expertise, cloud security, and support made Spruce the best solution.

12 Ways To Compete Against Big Boxes Resource Tile


12 Ways to Compete Against the Big Boxes

Explore your strengths and limitations as an independent retailer and develop a plan to compete and win.

Electronic Catalogs Video Resource Tile


Leveraging Electronic Catalogs in Spruce

Spruce helps you compete with the "big guys" by providing instant access to items from your wholesalers, co-op, or other vendors.

Herringtons Delivery Management Video Resource Tile


How Herrington's Uses Spruce to Manage Deliveries

See how Herrington's leverages Spruce AnyWare to manage proof of delivery.

10 Steps To Ensure You Select The Right ERP for Your Business Resource Tile


10 Steps to Ensure You Select the Right Software for Your Business

Your software impacts employees, customers, vendors, and business processes. Don't make the wrong investment!

Competing On Convenience How To Win The Retail Race Resource Tile


Competing on Convenience: How to Win the Retail Race

See why “convenience” has become essential for your customers and another way to compete with big box retailers.

How Covid19 Has Changed The Workplace Resource Tile


How Covid-19 Has Changed the Workplace

An overview of working models and key statistics in support of a hybrid work arrangement and omnichannel retail environment.

Herringtons Support Video Resource Tile


Herrington's Shares Their Experience with Spruce Support

Hear why Herrington's feels industry-specific support makes a difference in their business.

Herringtons Implementation Video Resource Tile


Herrington's Shares Implementation Experience

Hear about how Herrington's worked with Spruce to achieve a successful implementation.

Advantagesof Cloud Hom Co Video Resource Tile


Why Move to the Cloud? HomCo's CFO Explains

Watch this video to see why Dan Groth, CFO of HomCo chose safety in the cloud!

Is Your Business Data Protected Quiz Resource Tile


Is Your Data Protected? Take the Quiz

The consequences of a data breach to a business are numerous and overwhelming. Find out if your business is safe.

Experiencing Sales Slump Resource Tile


Experiencing a Sales Slump? It Could Be Your Technology

Explore four software advances that are essential to remain competitive and grow.

LBM Tech Trends What Are You Missing Resource Tile


Tech Trends: What Are You Missing?

Learn three technology trends that are driving better decision making, operational efficiencies, and cost savings for builders merchants.

7 Myths Cloud Computing Debunked Resource Tile


7 Myths of Cloud-Computing Debunked!

Understand the myths holding businesses back from moving to the cloud. and see if cloud is a fit for your business.

5 Benefits Of Mobile Technology Resource Tile


5 Benefits of Mobile Technology

Learn how mobility empowers employee engagement, enhances productivity, and streamlines work processes.

Electronic Data Interchange Video Resource Tile


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Video

See how your business could benefit from Spruce's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

How To Better Protect Your Business Data Resource Tile


How to Better Protect Your Business Data

Disaster can strike at any time. Learn about data protection best practices and recovery plans that work!

7 Benefits Of Cloud Computing Resource Tile


7 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Learn why the cloud is the way of the future and how it could be the best and most secure solution for businesses of all sizes.

Protect Your Business From Ransomware Resource Tile


Protect Your Business from Ransomware

Learn about ransomware, who holds businesses’ data for ransom, why they do it, and steps to help protect your business.

Software Deal Breakers7 Elements Every System Needs Resource Tile


Software Deal Breakers: 7 Elements Every System Needs

As you evaluate technology for your business, make sure to ask questions that highlight the capabilities in these seven areas.

Customer Satisfaction Does Your Software Help Or Hinder Resource Tile


Customer Satisfaction: Does Your Software Help or Hinder?

Investing in technology that is fast, accurate, and customer focused has become a necessity for builders merchants.

Succession Planning How To Seamlessly Transition Your LBM Business Resource Tile


Succession Planning: How to Seamlessly Transition Your Building Supply Business

Get a high-level guide on creating a succession plan to help your business thrive when passed to future generations.

Stop Wasting Employees Valuable Time Resource Tile


Stop Wasting Your Employees' Valuable Time

Investing in new technology is a cost-effective and scalable way to get the most value from your staff and drive business efficiency.

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