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Brad Haubert

MarkSystems Senior Consultants are not only experts on the software, they also bring their experience in the residential home construction industry to each implementation. This month, we feature Brad Haubert, Senior Consultant with MarkSystems. We sat down with Brad to learn more about his experience in the home building industry, his impressions on how the industry has changed, and get his advice on what builders need to look for in a new system.

Tell us a little bit about your background? How long have you worked in the new home construction industry and been in your current role?

When I graduated from Juniata College in 1993, I immediately joined the family home building business. I worked in that business for almost 25 years (from 1993-2017), managing the construction of over 1,000 new homes in that time. This included managing multiple offices, superintendents, and trade partners.

I joined ECI just over two years ago and, in addition to helping clients on-site, I provide ongoing training to users with our weekly MarkSystems WebClasses.

How have you seen the home building industry change in the last few years?

The bounce back from the recession in the late 2000’s is real! That recession was both good and bad – for the same reason. It weeded out the trade partners. While the good ones are left, there was a very limited supply, leaving home builders scrambling to share the same resources. That shortage is waning now, but it’s still an issue. The next generation of home builders are now embracing technology more than ever (in an industry where technology has been tough to adapt). This is leading to smarter owners who can scale their businesses more quickly by keeping a pulse on what is truly going on in their businesses.

How many builders have you helped during your time as a MarkSysstems consultant?

If you include the weekly WebClasses I do, I’ve helped hundreds of builders learn more about MarkSystems!

In addition to that, I really enjoy performing MarkSystems’ audits with customers. It’s an opportunity to come into an organization for two full days and meet with representatives from every department to see how much of the software the customer is currently using. After that review, a Report Card is filled out and a Written Audit Report is completed and shared with the company’s management. That Audit Report with Report Card provides suggestions for improvement that, together with Management, becomes a plan to improve operations.

Recently, I’ve enjoyed working with the folks at Sandlin Homes in Dallas, TX with their Audit. I really enjoy seeing the plan we put into place take shape.

What are some of the most successful implementations you've seen and why do you consider them successful?

I’d say the most successful implementation I’ve been so far has been with the folks at Bosgraaf Homes. They are knocking it out of the park by jumping “all-in” from the beginning and making their ERP software their primary source of information.

What's your advice to builders looking for a new software system?

You’ll know you’re ready for an ERP software when you are spending more time working IN your business than working ON your business. And, when you do decide to move forward with an implementation, treat it like you would any house you build. Plan it out right from the beginning and keep at it until it’s ready to go live! Then, watch it closely and tweak as you go!

What's your favorite feature in MarkSystems?

I really like the way that MarkSystems approaches tracking base house revenue/expenses separate from option revenue/expenses. Many builders who decide on MarkSystems don’t think that way BEFORE using MarkSystems but, once they grasp that concept, watch out! It gives them so much power, information, and control to really become a more profitable home builder.

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