ECI Brightens Facebook with Charitable Holiday Pet Photo Contest

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For ECI, giving back to the local communities that support its small and medium-sized business customers is an integral part of the culture. So much so that Embracing Community is part of ECI's core values.

Living and working by a "CODE" with four guiding principles, all ECI employees are asked to Crave Greatness, Own the Outcome, Deliver Awesome, and Embrace Community. Each quarter, awards are given in each of the four categories to the employee who, through their actions, have gone above and beyond in service to the customer.

One of the most fun and popular ways ECI supports local charities is its social media contests. Several times a year, ECI asks its customers to share their pet pictures for a chance to win a donation to the animal charity of choice.

In March, during some of the pandemic's darkest days when millions of people started working from home, ECI asked customers to spread a little happiness with pictures of their home office pets. And who doesn't love pets in holiday attire? For the fourth year in a row, ECI will host a holiday pet photo contest for customers, donating $500 to the winner's animal charity of choice.

"I don't know about other companies, but we at ECI love our pets," laughed Traci Johnson, ECI's Chief Marketing Officer. "In addition to encouraging our employees to embrace community, these social media promotions give us a chance to share our core values with our customers, give back to local communicates, and spread a little happiness."

In addition to recognizing top contributors, every employee is given one day per year paid to volunteer in their communities. That's more than 12,000 hours a year of service. As you can see, ECI is committed to supporting our employees, customers, and local communities.

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