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Job Shop
Management Software

Scalable, quote-to-cash job shop management solution that streamlines efficiency and improves productivity.

Take control with the most flexible
shop management solution on the market.

JobBOSS® software is a quote-to-cash shop management system with a range of business-boosting features that enable you to operate efficiently. Get the flexibility and visibility you need to meet production demands and increase profitability on every job.

JobBOSS Features
Job Shop Management

Stay the Boss of Your Job Shop

The Flexibility You Need at the Price You Can Afford

As a small and medium-size, make-to-order, or contract manufacturer, shop management software is critical to your business.

JobBOSS is an integrated shop management solution that offers complete visibility, access, and job control.

It automates processes, improves efficiency and profits, and provides the foundation for growth.

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Quote Confidently

Win More Business with Competitive Quotes

Using the JobBOSS Quoting module, you can create quotes quickly and accurately to win more business and stay competitive.

JobBOSS automatically calculates the unit price, total price, total cost and total hours, and tracks the history of parts you quote.

Check inventory of parts, materials, and purchase history during the quoting process.

Gain insights into the profit margins with parts costing.

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Order Entry and Processing

Deliver More Orders with Less Resources

Streamline Your Order Processing

Easily track jobs, access real-time customer and supplier information, and streamline the sales order process.

Move from quotes to orders with no additional steps or data entry required.

Process quick-run jobs, complex assemblies, blanket orders with releases, and time and material jobs—the flexibility is yours.

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Material Management

Optimise Profitability

Intelligently Manage Supply and Demand to Increase Job Profitability

JobBOSS material control helps manage your entire inventory while maximising profits, minimising waste, and limiting the time employees search for parts and materials.

With just-in-time purchasing, you can order materials based on inventory requirements to maximise your purchase price discounts.

Then schedule delivery according to job requirements and your shop schedule, so you’ll always know what and where your inventory is.

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Cost Analysis

Real-time Visibility into Job Costs

Make a Profit on Every Job

Robust and powerful cost analysis and reporting tools give you visibility into all aspects of job costing and the confidence to make a profit on every job.

You can be confident in your ability to accurately capture labor time and log material costs back to each job to know which jobs are making and losing you money.

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Scheduling & Shop Floor Control

Built-in Flexibility

Make Changes on the Fly

Effortlessly manage any job scheduling challenges with an easy-to-use, visual, and flexible scheduling module.

Spot the load on individual work centers and make job decisions by machine, employee, or date and time.

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Insightful Dashboards

Visibility and Insight You Can Trust

Display sales, performance, and efficiency data for powerful insights in real-time that you can immediately act on.

Dozens of pre-configured widgets allow you to filter and sort data and quickly drill down into job status and employee efficiency, so you can identify issues long before they cost you money.

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Never Miss Delivery Dates Again

Delight Your Customers with On-Time Deliveries

Keep your customers informed and happy with the JobBOSS comprehensive shipping management module.

JobBOSS shipping lets you track all delivery schedules and review shipment history with ease.

Analyze delivery performance to improve on-time deliverables. Record ship data to make good decisions on future orders.

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Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Ensure Accurate Job Costs

JobBOSS Labour module gives you complete visibility and control over current activity on your shop floor—you know exactly which job each employee is working on and can precisely monitor labour hours.

By knowing which employees are most efficient in various types of work, you can evaluate employee performance and manage profitability.

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Business Activity Monitoring

Stay Proactive and Agile

Intelligent Alerts to Keep Your Business Flowing

With real-time visibility into key activities, information, and milestones, KnowledgeSync Alerts & Automation monitors your business and warns you when something needs your attention.

All parts of an organisation can benefit from KnowledgeSync, from production to HR and everything in between, KnowledgeSync(TM) will provide the right information to the right people at the right time.

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Focused For Your Industry
  • Aerospace & Defense Part Fabricators
  • Automotive Stamping Shops
  • Captive Manufacturers
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • High Technology Manufacturers
  • Industrial & Commercial Machinery Machinery
  • Job Shops
  • Metal Fabrication Shops
  • Medical Device Fabricators
  • Plastics Production Shops
  • Semiconductor Production Shops
  • Shipbuilding/Marine Manufacturers
Job BOSS Owner
Job Shop Owner/CEO

You own the company, the buck stops here

Job Shop Owner/CEO

JobBOSS Moves Your Strategic Goals Forward

With continuous real-time data, tracking, and analysis, the system reveals your problems, pitfalls, risks, and trends based on daily job activity. It monitors your revenue, expenses, and most of all, your business’s productivity.

JobBOSS keeps an eye on turnover, down-time, and ramp-time, even tracking its own adoption rate and effectiveness.

JobBOSS delivers tight and wide-angle views of your business both on the shop floor and the business overall. A constant stream of real-time data and metrics indicate the most profitable way to control your business.

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The CEO's Perspective: Willie Monteiro, FLEXTECH

Job BOSS Office Manager
Office Manager

Easily move between functions

Office Manager

JobBOSS is Designed to Flow Like Your Shop

JobBOSS makes it easy for an office manager to move between functions. It follows a logical tab entry pattern with drill-downs and buttons to additional data right where you are. The system is already set up to flow the way you need it to.

Keep multiple functions you typically work with open at the same time. JobBOSS provides automatic consistency when needed to speed your work and increase the visibility of the business.

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JobBOSS User Perspective: Nick Lindsay, Converting Equipment International

Job BOSS Shop Floor Manager
Shop Floor Manager

Jobs and workload visibility

Shop Floor Manager

JobBOSS Helps You Control Your Shop Floor

JobBOSS captures accurate costs, integrates with CNC work centers, and ensures faster throughput and higher productivity. You need an easy way to recognise and fix shopfloor problems—JobBOSS dashboards provide it.

The system helps you manage daily changes and get the schedule back on track. It keeps inside and outside jobs moving despite the material, vendor, job or delivery changes. Work centers stay properly loaded and overtime is reduced.

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The Production Planning Manager's Perspective: Rober Lamont, Hydrapower Systems Ltd.

Job BOSS Add On Mobile Data Collection

Insight into every aspect of business


Superior Technology and Practical Affordability for Your Long-term Growth.

Reporting is key: you monitor profitability on jobs. If something doesn’t look right, you drill down to see what happened. If you notice a job was unprofitable, you use the data to find out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Reports from a variety of modules flow into one source—your computer—and make it easy to watch for problems among a small or large workforce. The system provides high-level overviews and up-close detail if needed.

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CFO's Perspective: Bob Kalicki, Larsen Manufacturing

JobBOSS shop management solution serves over 3,000 manufacturers worldwide.

Learn more about JobBOSS

JobBOSS was first developed in 1984 by a job shop manager that needed a better way to run his business. Today’s JobBOSS team continues to innovate and support the industry’s most flexible manufacturing shop management software. JobBOSS has customers in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.

We Offer Innovative Solutions

We specialise in developing innovative solutions to help you succeed in competitive industries and against Big Box enterprises. Our solutions are tested for both qualities but to make sure they are easy to use. Our customers are actively involved in the evolution of our products, which ensures they are industry-specific and relate to real businesses just like yours. Continual enhancement means that the software evolves along with your business. New features are regularly provided to all current customers through periodic version releases at no additional cost to you.

We Focus On Your Growth
Our representatives are focused on helping your business grow and work closely with you to ensure you have the tools you need. All of our products and third-party offerings are carefully chosen to help improve efficiency and save money, enabling you to focus on customer service, expansion, and competition.

We Provide Top Tier Support

Our Support Team truly cares about our customers and wants to help them succeed. Every team member has experience in the industry he or she serves, which means that every time you call, you get support built on true industry expertise. Our Support technicians are also cross-trained in both software and hardware to help resolve issues quickly without being handed off to several technicians.

We Train You For Success
When you go live with an ECI product, training doesn’t come to a halt. A dedicated account representative always available by phone is assigned to you. Additionally, we provide a variety of training options to fit your specific needs, from free webinars to on-site assessments to our users’ meeting, Connect Conference.

What are our customers saying about JobBOSS

The ERP system gave us the ability to consolidate a whole lot of business and manufacturing process into one big package, and to dramatically increase the efficiency of our company.

Hydrapower Systems Ltd.

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