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Manufacturing people and processes

SMB Manufacturing: People and Processes with Andrew Mamonitis

A strong ecosystem of solutions is available to manufacturers looking to thrive in 2024 and beyond. Here are our top tips for manufacturers readying themselves for a...

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ECI CORP Blog News Press Release

ECI Software Solutions acquires Treetop, automating Dutch residential construction businesses  

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Work from Home 1320x642

Advantages and Disadvantages of Offering a Work-from-Home Option

In this blog post, we take a balanced look at remote work so that you can decide if the arrangement is something you want to consider offering your employees during the...

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ERP Data Migration

ERP Data Migration Best Practices in 6 Steps

A 6-step strategy for ERP data migration that addresses challenges including cost, stakeholder buy-in, and data integrity. Read our latest blog.

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ERP buyer's guide

ERP Buyer's Guide

Our ERP Buyer's Guide is a comprehensive resource that provides detailed information on selecting and implementing an ERP software solution for manufacturers.

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AI in an office environment

How AI Is Changing How SMBs Do Business

Artificial intelligence is transforming how small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) run their day-to-day operations.

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Sparks Manufacturing

8 Ways ERP Will Save Your Manufacturing Company

Read our latest blog and discover 8 ways an ERP will put your manufacturing company on the road to success.

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ECI CORP Blog News Press Release

ECI Software Solutions Announces Winners of Its 8th Annual Everyday Hero Awards

ECI celebrates its customers behind the 141 Project, BeLEAF Survivors and The Silver Coin Project for positively impacting the lives of others.

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machine shop technicians

How Does Job Shop Software Efficiently Track Jobs?

Job shop manufacturing software helps create a production environment where businesses and their employees can flourish.

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man analysing ERP data on a laptop

5 Reasons You Need an Industry-Specific ERP Software

Five major reasons why purchasing an industry-specific ERP can be one of the best decisions you make for your business.

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man using a headset

Use This Simple Model to Resolve Common Customer Service Complaints

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Field Service Technicians Scan IT Product Page

Field Service Management Industry Pain Points & Contractor Management Software

Discover how having the right contractor management software is crucial to growing your field service management business.

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