Connect all aspects of your business into one platform

Demand visibility with a machine intelligence application

Alora is the machine intelligence platform that seamlessly connects all of your machines, regardless of age, to help you increase operational performance and quickly analyse data.

Integrate your system with JobBOSS2

Stay in control with intelligent alerts

KnowledgeSync ITC is a business activity monitoring (BAM) solution that keeps your business on your radar with email alerts to keep you on top of you

Process credit card payments with ease for US customers

Accept tier 1–3 credit and debit card payments or provide a refund from sales orders or AR invoices with 24-hour access to processing and reporting.

Deliver immediate value to your business with your QuickBooks account

The seamless integration between JobBOSS2 and QuickBooks helps you save time, avoid duplication of efforts, and eliminate manual data entry to ensure the accuracy of your billing records.

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