Job Shop, Discrete, and Batch and Process Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is constantly changing, and continuous supply chain and labour issues are making it difficult to manage operations. We built our software to tackle the specific challenges you are facing in the manufacturing industry with centralised and automated business processes that will take your business to new heights.

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Bring all aspects of your business into one system

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Keep track of your evolving supply chain

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Hire a 365-day-a-year employee

Business Management Solutions for Manufacturers


Scale your job shop with our end-to-end software solution

JobBOSS2 is the evolution of E2 Shop with the addition of some of the most powerful features of JobBOSS manufacturing software. As one of the most powerful job shop solutions on the market, our cloud-based software helps small- to medium-sized businesses gain real-time operational visibility to drive business growth.


Get real-time visibility into your business with our all-in-one software

M1 is a single, all-in-one solution designed for make-to-stock, discrete, repetitive, and make-to-order manufacturers with 50-1000 employees. Our web-based solution combines core functions like accounting, scheduling, and order management with advanced features like MRP, multi-plant location integration, project management, and much more.

Our manufacturing software is specifically designed for:

  • Additive Manufacturers

  • Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers

  • Chemical Manufacturers

  • Distribution Manufacturers

  • Electronics Manufacturers

  • Food & Beverage Manufacturers

  • Health & Beauty Manufacturers

  • High Tech Manufacturers

  • Industrial Machinery Manufacturers

  • Job Shops

  • Medical Device Manufacturers

  • Metal Fabrication Companies

  • Oil & Gas Manufacturers

  • Plastics & Rubber Parts Manufacturers

  • Semiconductor Shops


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have experience in my industry?

Yes, we have extensive experience in helping job shops and discrete and process manufacturers. All our manufacturing products are developed to address the unique challenges of the manufacturing industry, reducing your need to piece together multiple software systems to get the functionality you need to succeed.

Do you offer a cloud or on-premise solution?

We offer a range of solutions to meet any customer’s needs, including both cloud and on-premise options. Each year, we continue to make significant investments in our cloud technology and a team of experts so you can gain cost savings and operational efficiencies via a cloud environment or a hosted application. We also offer on-premise solutions for businesses unable to move to the cloud.

What do I need if I want to move to an ECI software solution?

Make sure you have a clear vision of your business needs, and we will work with you to define a process flow to reach your goals. To ensure a successful implementation, adequate resources, a dedicated team, and the proper training will ensure your project stays on schedule, and the software is used to its full capability.

Why should I change if I am happy with my current system?

Many reports show that 95% of businesses experience process improvements after implementing a new ERP system. Most companies benefit from better configuration, cutting-edge features, and powerful integrations to help position for growth.

Will your software help me see bottlenecks, or do I need to dig through reports?

Our software systems provide multiple ways to quickly and easily access critical information related to your business performance. Whether through visual whiteboards and dashboards or hot-point alerts, you will have the ability to identify potential issues earlier and before they become serious problems.

How do I know which business management system is right for me?

When evaluating a new software solution, consider the vendor’s experience, support, and product functionalities. With a dedicated focus on the manufacturing industry, a stellar implementation team, and prompt customer support, we are confident in our ability to help you improve your business and reach your full potential. We design and build our products to handle the unique needs and complex processes of your industry.

How can we make it easier for you to do business?