ECI Software Solutions Europe, ERP business management software specialists, has received a Stevie Award for Best Technical Support Solution at the International Business Awards (IBAs) 2020 for its Gatewise platform.

Gatewise, which launched in 2019, brings ECI’s 3,000 manufacturing customers together with leading suppliers. It automates the purchasing process to reduce error, increasing visibility, insight and the efficiency of manufacturing.

For manufacturers, Gatewise significantly reduces costs associated with processing sales orders, checking logistics and managing invoicing. In fact, according to ROI forecasts, a manufacturer spending EUR 100K on these tasks, could save EUR 50k within one year of using Gatewise.

Since January this year, the platform has seen an exponential growth of more than 600% in transactions taking place between customers and suppliers, indicating its success.

The Stevie award win for Gatewise, which was announced on 9 September, was determined by the average scores of more than 250 executives worldwide, who participated in the judging process from July through to early September this year. Judge's comments on Gatewise called it ‘a pioneering idea’ and ‘great innovation’. While it was also praised for creating a new market place and aiming to provide a solution to an industry wide issue of effective order management - specifically at the mid-tier level.

Gino Keijzer, CEO at ECI Software Solutions Europe, believes the award is a fitting acknowledgement of ECI’s efforts to reduce costs and streamline processes for its manufacturing customers, while boosting visibility for its suppliers:

“We are really happy that Gatewise has been recognised by the judges at the IBAs 2020 for the support it provides. Automation of the entire purchasing process is Gatewise’s primary benefit, but it also gives suppliers access to a large market to sell their goods and services, providing an incentive for both manufacturers and vendors to use the platform.

“There are no other solutions on the market on the same scale; and no other solutions have such a deep integration with the ERP software used by so many manufacturers. Gatewise works across ECI’s Bemet, Inventive, Proteus, Ridder and Trimergo ERP systems.

“Gatewise is driven by an industry-standard API which enables the manufacturer’s ERP software and the supplier’s ERP software to talk to one another to automate the entire process. Benefits include massive time-saving with no need for manual entries, a diminished risk of error, fewer disruptions in the manufacturing process and greater insight from more structured data. We expect to see more and more customers realise these benefits and take advantage of Gateway in the months to come, especially as they look to reduce costs in response to the impact of Covid-19..”

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