5 Ways BuildTools Saves Custom Builders and Remodelers Time

Blog 5 Ways Build Tools Saves Custom Builders Remodelers Time

We all want to find new ways to run our projects more efficiently—you want to take on more jobs without taking on more headaches or adding more people to the team.

BuildTools simplifies scheduling and project management, so your job is easier. But did you know these 5 features that will save you time and money?

Quick and easy estimates

The first step in getting the job is sending the proposal. BuildTools lets you send professional-looking proposals and gives you the flexibility to quote based on specific rooms. If your client wants to make an adjustment, just remove it from the quote and send an updated proposal.

Meeting Minutes

No more he said/she said. Meeting Minutes gives you a quick way to document any meetings with the homeowner and send them a copy, so everyone is on the same page. And don’t forgot to use the Change Order feature to get client sign-off of any new adjustments that were captured in those meetings minutes.

Work-in-progress report

This new feature gives you additional way to keep track of your budgets along the way. The simple report provides you with information you need to see where you’re *really* at.

Project Poster

A great way to keep your crew and subs up to date. As easy as taking a picture with your phone, Project Poster lets your team see the latest job information without logging into the system. Your crew just needs to point their phone camera and they are forwarded to a page with all the details needed to get the job done.

Redlining plans

Plans change. Keeping track of changes with pen and paper can be confusing and messy. BuildTools takes away the ambiguity of handwritten notes and gives you the ability to make changes and create versions in the system. Now you can clearly see what changes were made and what needs to get done.

Learn more about BuildTools construction project management software. Contact us for a personalized demo.

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