Business Management

With access to your data from anywhere, you can make decisions based on facts and positively impact your bottom line.

Reduce dispatcher call volume

Drivers can obtain a signature as proof of delivery and take pictures of the material drop that automatically ties to the sale. You can also send status notifications to customers via email or text.

Manage and improve business processes

Manage all aspects of your installed sales

All the aspects of an installed sale are integrated into Spruce, eliminating manual tracking. You can ticket items on departure or return, and extra materials can be added to the original order or on a separate order.

Retain customers and attract new business

Spruce features include the ability to create your own promotional signage, offer customers flexible instalment payments, and create your own loyalty program.

Track profitability of your manufacturing process

Whether you hang doors, mill windows, fabricate trusses, stairs, wall panels, or just assemble a few odds and ends, Spruce’s manufacturing module has you covered.

Track, depreciate, and create ledger entries

Properly account for your trucks, machinery, buildings, or other assets without using spreadsheets or separate, specialised software.

Efficiently manage your rental business

Manage this branch of your business more efficiently within the confines of your Spruce system without expensive add-on solutions. It's easy to create reservations and set the rates on your terms.

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