Remote Data Collection

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How it Works

We collect print data from 25,000+ models to deliver accurate, reliable insights

Our device management solutions are powered by remote data collection agents (DCAs). The DCA is a software application that collects critical meter, performance, and supply level data from multifunction print devices. The DCA can be installed on a non-dedicated server, at a client location, or resident in the firmware of a device.

Key Features

Our new DCA includes several enhancements for improved data collection, measurement, and analysis.

Model Definition Files

Created from manufacturer specifications, model definition files offer precise targeting of critical device data points.

Custom Scan Intervals

Set independent scan intervals for device discovery, meters, supplies, errors, and attributes for timely data collection.

Differential Transmission

Only data that has changed or values that have been updated are transmitted to the web interface.


DCA Pulse provides a heartbeat to PrintFleet Central confirming that the DCA is active, reducing the number of stale DCAs.


Our DCA can be deployed in the traditional Windows® environment as well as macOS®, Linux®, and Raspberry Pi®.

Remote Management

Configure all available settings, retrieve logs, initiate scans, and run MIB walks from the comfort of your office.

Our DCAs

Find the data collection agent that meets your needs.

Collecting Data

Next-generation DCA

Our next-generation DCA is currently in development. Our team is working to build a best-in-class data collection agent, combining functionality from our three device management solutions.

Legacy Data Collection

Legacy DCAs

We support customers currently using PrintFleet (DCA 4.x and DCA Pulse), FMAudit (Onsite), and Print Audit (ICE) data collection agents. Contact us to find the DCA that's right for your business.

Printer Data

Local Print Agent

For devices that are not on a network, our Local Print Agents (LPAs) offer the ability to track printing from locally connected print devices by collecting information directly from the device.

Our Solutions

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Data on Computer


  • Ideal for dealers who require data collection in non-Windows® environments
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use web interface
  • DCA Pulse is currently only available with PrintFleet
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  • Ideal for dealers who require advanced and customizable workflows
  • Integrates seamlessly with e-automate ERP
  • AVAILABLE NOW! New DCA functionality within FMAudit
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