MarkSystems Consulting: Helping Builders Automate and Streamline Processes

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If last year taught us one thing—it was to be prepared for the unexpected. And part of that is making sure your processes and systems are working efficiently today in order to be ready for what comes next.

Even though the market is hot, 2008 still haunts builders. They don’t necessarily want to hire more personnel, but at the same time, can’t get enough done because they don’t have the resources. The MarkSystems consulting team can help bridge that gap. Not only can they find ways to help builders do more with less by automating manual processes, but they can also be those extra hands needed to get discrete jobs done faster.

Below are three examples of how, by engaging the MarkSystems consulting team, builders can save time and money today, while establishing processes that will help them in the future.

No More Manual POs

Background: The home builder closed more than 100 homes per year but was manually creating over 1000 POs for all their custom options. With each PO taking at least 5 minutes to create, their team was spending over 13 hours a month on this task.

Solution: Automate the PO creation process. By working with the MarkSystems Consulting team for just one hour, the builder automated the whole process. Now the team can spend that time on much more productive activities and getting more out of MarkSystems than ever before.

Time Savings: 13 hours per month.

Custom Reporting

Background: The home builder needed to create two specific reports each month for their bank. It took their team 8-16 hours to compile the information and build the report. This was unproductive time that was costing them thousands of dollars each year.

Solution: After signing up for a consulting engagement with the MarkSystems Consulting team, they can now create these reports with a click of a button. It now takes minutes per house to produce these reports that once took hours.

Cost savings: $4,500 per year.

Audit Your Processes

Background: Investing in home builder software doesn’t stop after implementation is complete. The needs of a business change over time and due to process and personnel changes, the software may not be used as efficiently as it could be. A home builder recently engaged MarkSystems Consultant Brad Haubert to do an audit of their processes and how their team was using MarkSystems.

Solution: By doing a thorough review of all departments, Brad was able to assess specific areas of improvements. He uncovered inefficiencies in the VPO process that could save their purchasing team hours each week and made recommendations to leverage the DocuSign integration so sales agreements and addendums could be sent more efficiently. Brad also suggested using the Land Development module to manage contracts that will make the process easier for their Accounting department. Armed with this information, the builder can uncover ways to improve their processes and increase profitability.

Regardless of how well you’re currently doing, there is always room for improvement. The Process Audit is a great way to reduce time wasted on unproductive, repetitive tasks and streamline your processes so you’re ready when the unexpected happens!

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