ECI’s RockSolid POS Now Available in the Cloud

RockSolid POS users can seamlessly transition critical business data offsite, adding a layer of cybersecurity protection

ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced its RockSolid® POS software is now available in the cloud. As a result, roughly 2,000 RockSolid POS customers in the hardlines industry will be able to reap the benefits of having their software delivered via the cloud—such as automatic data back-ups, additional ransomware protection and disaster recovery plans—while seamlessly transitioning off their on-premise infrastructure.

Securing operational data and systems is a crucial process for small businesses that has been made even more challenging in the age of COVID-19; according to the FBI, the pandemic has caused cybercrime to quadruple. Unfortunately, small businesses often lack the time and IT resources to ensure their software is up to date, that data is backed-up regularly and that disaster recovery plans are in place. Now, with the RockSolid POS system available in the cloud, users will be able to securely host their important business data offsite, adding a layer of protection from ransomware and other viruses. Additionally, the cloud-based system is designed to update software and back-up data automatically and eliminate costly expenses from on-prem servers and unplanned disasters. This transition will be entirely managed by ECI to ensure a seamless installation and minimize business disruptions for RockSolid POS customers.

“Our mission at ECI is to offer our customers the best software for their business,” said John Maiuri, president of ECI’s LBM and Hardlines Group, Building & Construction Division. “Part of that goal is offering our solutions in the cloud, which allows customers to benefit from added cybersecurity protection and data recovery capabilities without significant investment in hardware or IT resources.”

“We know most RockSolid POS customers don’t have the IT resources to thoroughly backup, update and protect their system from the security risks that exist in today’s world,” said Wade Hogg II, sales director at ECI. “We are committed to supporting the RockSolid POS customer base by offering their current software in the cloud—making it easier to manage operations while reaping the benefits of a more secure system.”

The cloud delivered version is now available to all current ECI RockSolid POS customers. Those interested in learning more about moving to the cloud should contact their ECI sales representative today.

About ECI

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