7 Ways ERP Can Improve Your Work-Life Balance

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At ECI, our industry-specific software solutions make doing business easier. So you might imagine hearing our customers say, “I’ve doubled my team’s efficiency since transitioning to your software,” or I’ve streamlined my staff, and we’re more productive than we were” would be music to our ears.

Don’t get us wrong. We love getting those compliments, but the feedback that makes us prouder than anything else is when we hear, “I finally got my life back” and “Now I can be a part of my kids’ lives.”

ERP Improves Quality of Life

The best business management software can make you and your employees more efficient, productive, and profitable. It enables you to accomplish everything you did before – and so many things you couldn’t – in less time. For some, that means working the same number of hours but doubling, tripling, or multiplying revenues and profits.

But for many of us who work way too many hours, sacrifice family time, and feel chained to the office, an industry-specific, integrated business management solution is the key to creating and maintaining a real work-life balance. Essential to long-term happiness and success, it reduces time-consuming projects, allows for a single source of accurate data, and can offer reports and insights in a fraction of the weeks, days, and hours they once took.

Statically Saying, ERP Offers Efficiency

What Can ERP Do For Your Business?

Get your life back by reducing the time you spend completing projects and tasks that can be simplified or automated by software in far less time. Start working smarter, not harder. Consider just some of the ways that software technology can give you your life back:

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software:

  • Eliminates expensive on-premise servers and the time they require for upkeep
  • Performs the time-consuming nightly backup and continuous security functions for you
  • Puts an end to redundant data entry and phone calls and emails for data and information, with a single source of real-time data truth
  • Offers anytime, anywhere access and mobility, freeing you from the workplace
  • Includes report generation/automation and at-a-glance dashboards for smart business insights without time-consuming work.
  • Eliminates redundant data entry and automates invoicing.
  • Speeds up your checkout line with point of purchase functionality.
  • Automates and simplifies physical inventory processes.
  • Reduces printing, collating, filing, and mailing tasks.
  • Automates and simplifies complex marketing campaigns, reducing projects and tasks that take days to hours or minutes.
  • Improves the customer experience, enabling you to compete on service and charge more, even with reduced labor for CSRs.

There’s an old adage by Edgar Watson Howe, an American novelist, that says, “It’s no credit to anyone to work too hard.” So simplify and automate the work you and your employees do, work smarter instead of harder, and enjoy the quality of life you deserve. The right software makes it possible!

For more information on choosing the right ERP for your business, download our 10 Step Guide.

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