6 Strategies to Help Your Employees Become More Goal-Oriented

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If every leader in your company were a motivational maestro, capable of getting employees to become obsessed with setting and achieving goals, just imagine the impact that it would have on your business. Every day, each employee would bring their A-game. The team would come to work full of energy and drive, ready to produce at their highest possible levels. They would work harder and strive for greatness, accomplishing more in less time. They would collaborate more willingly, perform cohesively as a team, and derive great satisfaction from contributing to the team’s success.

But maintaining employee performance over the long run is difficult, and you will need several arrows in your quiver to consistently hit the target of peak, consistent commitment and energy. Using these eight proven strategies can help you do just that – and your employees will appreciate you for it!

Strategies to Help Your Employees Become More Goal-Oriented #1: Increase the frequency of goal targets

Big company goals motivate top company leaders and executives, but smaller, more frequent targets such as daily and weekly goals motivate the majority of employees. These goals feed into your larger company objectives, so there is nothing to lose by breaking down larger goals into incremental individual goals that can be accomplished in short time frames. The more employees consistently hit these targets (and get recognized accordingly), the more they will buy in to the vision and management style of leadership.

Strategies to Help Your Employees Become More Goal-Oriented #2: Offer milestone bonuses and raises

Recognition of great work increases employee enthusiasm and morale, and the best way to do this for the broadest range of personality types is with raises and bonuses. Financial incentives pay for themselves with greater employee productivity and lower employee acquisition and retention costs. Consider offering cash incentives at pre-determined intervals. For example, if you lose a significant percentage of employees between month six and the first year anniversary, offer a monetary bonus for employees who reach the one year anniversary. Offer annual raises that are competitive within your industry and region. Give performance bonuses, especially at the holidays, tied to specific individual goals.

Strategies to Help Your Employees Become More Goal-Oriented #3: Give employees a say in their goals

  • You are doing everything you can to recruit goal-oriented performers. Yet these bright and skilled individuals seem to lose energy at times. It may be because they need to be challenged or stimulated in a way that resonates more with their own needs or talents. Or they may need to feel more of a vested interest in what you are collectively working to accomplish. This isn’t about appeasement; inviting employees to have a say in their own goals gives them a feeling of equity in their work and accomplishments. They are also much more likely to reach goals that they personally developed, so don’t be afraid to hand over the reins for at least a portion of their goals.

Strategies to Help Your Employees Become More Goal-Oriented #4: Begin a mentor program and make employees accountable to the mentor

A recent study, “Career Benefits Associated with Mentoring for Mentors,” published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior, revealed that people who have the opportunity to serve as mentors and mentees experience greater job satisfaction and a higher commitment to their employer. Providing role modeling mentoring is associated with raised job performance for both the mentor and mentee. Mentors who are in a position the mentee strives to reach are uniquely situated to help with goal setting, reporting on progress, and means of accountability. Mentors can also answer questions and provide help along the way. Mentorship programs not only help with making employees more goal-oriented and accountable, but also help to establish a culture of cooperation and teamwork.

Strategies to Help Your Employees Become More Goal-Oriented #5: Use software that organizes goals, tracks progress, and makes results visible

  • Goal-oriented people want to know where they stand relative to their goals, and just about everyone wants recognition for hard work and achievements. Invest in software that enables employees to input goals, identify where they are relative to achievement, and help them to pivot or reallocate resources when necessary to reach their goals. When everyone has access to the same software, the impact of having all of this visible to the team enhances buy-in and desire to perform.

Strategies to Help Your Employees Become More Goal-Oriented #6: Create weekly and monthly competitions

  • Incentivize your employees with peer or self-competition, and infuse the competition with a sense of fun. Reward every individual who demonstrates continually improving performance, as well as your most exceptional employees who stand out from the rest. Having these two categories ensures you won’t be rewarding only the most talented or experienced employees week after week, month after month. Competition brings out the best in each individual.

Organizations that are able to get employees obsessed with goal-setting ultimately see improved employee performance and retention, a stronger recruiting brand, and better internal leadership development. One small step is all it takes to get started, and we’ve given you six!

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