Seamless ERP and ecommerce integration

eCommonSense incorporates market-leading industry-specific ecommerce solutions to deliver out-of-the-box, time-saving technology for an efficient, singular experience.

Industry-Specific Features

Make it easy to find your stores

The eCommonSense Branch Finder includes important details for your locations including contact information and hours of operation, as well as a map with intuitive search options to help find the closest store.

Schedule deliveries and pickups online

eCommonSense allows you to offer delivery and pickup windows that make sense for you, and your customer.

Create a seamless checkout experience

eCommonSense includes everything you need for a seamless online checkout experience, including integrated payment processing.

Professional quotes win business

Provide convenient tools that help your customers earn more business from their customers. eCommonSense has an embedded quote builder that allows your contractors to easily send branded, professional quotes to their customers.

More accurately estimate projects

Help your customers take the guesswork out of estimating the quantity of material needed for their projects.

Customise online experience

With eCommonSense, your customers can request special pricing on bigger jobs through your website. As well, when your customers create orders on your website, they can indicate whether they allow substitutions on specific items, or if the product is out of stock.

Attract new customers online

With eCommonSense, you can market to new customers and seamlessly process transactions online, even if they do not yet have an account set up in your ERP.

Protect your site and keep customers safe

Rest assured that with eCommonSense your integrated ecommerce and product information management (PIM) solution is protected in the ECI cloud.

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