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Field Service Management Software

Software specifically designed to help office technology dealers.

If you sell, service, and support technology products e-automate business management software is your one-stop source to keep track of all your serialized devices.

From accounting and contracts to inventory, purchasing, sales and customer service, e automate software that removes the need for disparate systems, streamlines critical daily processes, and provides real-time visibility into every area of a service driven organization. E-automate seamlessly blends its core solution, add-on products, and supplier integrations to provide your business with a single, end-to-end management and information system.

e-automate Features

More than 75+ out-of-the-box reports you can drill down into including:

  • Contract Profitability Report – One view that pulls hundreds of data points from your e-automate system to see what is making or breaking your contract profits.
  • Machine Profit Report – Stack ranking your serialized equipment by profit.
  • Model Profit Report – Stack ranking your models by profit.

Report and Rolling Comparative Financial Statements

Contract Management

Contract Management

Ensure you get the most from contracts in place and gain control over billing and service contracts

  • Automate invoicing and email delivery
  • Manage flexible revenue distribution
  • Automate meter requests, integrate with data collection agents for robust managed print service contracts
  • Receive alerts when contracts or warranties are about to expire
  • Access multi-tiered contract profitability (type, contract, equipment)
  • Link purchase orders to sales and service calls

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Equipment History Tracking

Equipment History Tracking

Keep track of all your serialized equipment throughout the equipment lifecycle. You can easily see when equipment arrived, contracts or transactions, use, and location. E-automate allows you to customize conditions, status, and transactions enabling you to meet your unique business needs.

Inventory Logistics Console

Inventory Logistics Console

  • Automate and centralize inventory management functions across multiple warehouses and technician trucks in the field.
  • Optimize your inventory by automatically setting minimum and maximum values based on historical usage patterns
  • Save time and effort by managing transfers and auto-transfer replenishment for technicians
  • Automate purchase order creation when items need to be reordered
  • Order based on individual technicians’ prior usage
  • Schedule and automate vendor selection enabling you to create and distribute purchase orders to your selected vendors in bulk
  • Prioritize orders

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Focused For Your Industry
  • Office Equipment Dealers
  • Value-added Resellers
  • Managed Print Providers
  • Point of Sales Equipment Dealers
  • Digital Signage Providers
  • Managed IT Field Service Providers
  • Audio/Visual Providers
  • Internet Telephony Providers

It can be a challenge to operate efficiently when your business management tools are fragmented and decentralized.

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It can be a challenge to operate efficiently when your business management tools are fragmented and decentralized. If you have to spend hours sifting through and comparing multiple spreadsheets, it becomes an obstacle, preventing you from focusing on growing your business.

E-automate® cloud-based field service management software solutions can simplify and centralize your complex business processes. With automated alerts, data mining tools, data import utilities, and a step-by-step help standard, e-automate seamlessly integrates all your business functions into one easy-to-use interface. Errors and redundant tasks are reduced, allowing you and your team to focus less on everyday functions and more on profitable growth.


Product enhancements and integrations streamline efficiency.

Freeing up your time to focus on what matters most...your customers.


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