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One of the biggest challenges facing growing businesses is managing your increasingly complex inventory. You need to strike the right balance between meeting market demand and keeping the amount of cash tied up in stock to a minimum. Inventory control software removes the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of paper-based systems, enabling you to monitor stock and improve cash flow. Works orders can be linked to a bill of materials (BOM), so items are tracked and automatically re-ordered when the customer needs more supplies, saving time and improving sales forecasting.

How can inventory management software benefit your business?

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Benefits of inventory management software

Optimize stock levels

Make sure you have exactly the right materials available at the time customers want them to avoid over-ordering and ending up with costly SLOB stock.

Free up capital

By only ordering the materials your customers need, you’re able to free up cash to cover overheads and invest in other areas of the business.

Save time

Reduce the amount of time staff spend looking for materials and improve accuracy by linking works orders to bill of materials (BOM) – so inventory is tracked and automatically re-ordered.

Monitor demand

View materials supply and demand on a single screen, drilling down the detail to anticipate customer needs and improve sales forecasting.

Customer service

Eliminate inaccuracies and ensure stock is always available at the right time to foster customer loyalty and secure repeat business.

Track price fluctuations

Understand seasonal price fluctuations, and you can order materials when they’re more competitively priced, passing the savings on to customers.

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Integrated inventory control software

M1. Get business visibility that powers your growth. Specifically built for small and medium-sized metal fabricators, M1® software integrates critical business processes within a single, robust ERP system.

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Flexible Stock Control

JobBOSS². A complete solution that puts you in control. JobBOSS² software is a shop management system with a range of business-boosting features. Get the flexibility and visibility you need to meet production demands and increase profitability on every job.

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