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Training Webinars

Join a webinar to get started with M1® ERP  software, introduce a new employee to M1, or extend your own knowledge. These webinar sessions are recorded live and include Q&A sessions with the attendees. You can use the webinars as referral information and for self-directed learning.

As a customer, you can sign up for live webinar sessions through the M1 Customer Support Center. And, if you're unable to attend, we make the recordings available so you can watch later. Customers can access recorded webinars on demand. Topics include set-up essentials, general ledger and financial reporting, scheduling, and more.

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Improve Your Knowledge and Skillset

Maximize and extend your M1 capabilities while learning best practices. Cataloged webinar topics include:

Advanced Inventory Management

Advanced Inventory Management is an optional module that gives you the ability to manage your inventory at a more intricate level using Warehouses and Bins. In this webinar, we will investigate the Part -> Revision -> Warehouse -> Bin structure and learn how to:

  • Set up Warehouses
  • Conduct Warehouse Requisitions, Transfers, and Receipts
  • Set up Bins
  • Perform Bill Transfers

Skill level: Beginner

Prior knowledge needed:

  • Navigation of M1
  • M1 naming conventions
  • Knowledge of part set up


The purpose of scheduling is to estimate production capabilities and control workflow through your production line. Scheduling is about estimating since you can only plan your incomplete job operations. By using the scheduling feature in M1, you can match current job operations to available work center capacities. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Set up Work Centers
  • Define non-work days in the Production Calendar
  • Investigate the differences between infinite vs. finite capacity
  • Learn the difference betweenforwardand backward scheduling
  • Use the Scheduling Board and Shop Load Explorer

Skill Level: Working Knowledge

Prior Knowledge Required:

  • Basic navigation of M1
  • Basic M1 naming conventions
  • A basic knowledge of how to set up a Part Method/Job Method/Bill of Materials
  • How to clock in and out of a Job in Shop Floor Entry
  • How to enter Direct Timecards

Quality Management

Quality Management provides the basic tools to manage inspections of purchased parts, customer returns, inventory, jobs, and the recording of non-conformances. M1 provides the ability to manage inspections both internally (Jobs and Inventory) and externally (Sales and Purchases). This session focuses on the internal side of this module. This topic was covered in our Virtual Interactive Training last season. Due to numerous requests from our customers, we will cover this same topic in our upcoming webinars.

Skill Level: Working Knowledge

Prior Knowledge Required:

  • Basic navigation of M1
  • Basic M1 naming conventions
  • Understand the Sales Order -> AR Invoice flow
  • Understand the Purchase Order -> AP Invoice flow
  • Understand how a Job is processed
  • Familiarity with SFE clock in/out

Alerts & Automation

M1 Alerts & Automation monitors your business processes, creates alerts, automates routine tasks, and schedules reports. You can monitor virtually any aspect of your business. The key information you get helps you run a smoother, more profitable business. In this session you will learn how to:

  • Install and set up Alerts & Automation
  • Configure the SQL Connection
  • Set up emails
  • Configure Windows® Services
  • Set up triggered alerts
  • Automate tasks based on important events
  • Generate reports
  • Expand your knowledge/experience with basic SQL queries
  • Understand actual field values in M1 SQL tables

Skill Level: Advanced

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