Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit

ECi Solutions

Business management software serving the needs of independent enterprises and SMBs


  • Horizon

    Easy-to-use software that allows office supplies dealers to improve efficiency and increase profitability.

  • Progress

    Complete, end-to-end software that allows dealers to manage their growing office supplies business. An e-commerce platform is included.

  • Acsellerate

    Business intelligence and CRM software that provides valuable insight into customers' buying habits. Make better business decisions more quickly and increase margins, profits and loyalty.

  • JumpTrack

    Leverage smartphone and tablet technology with low-cost cloud computing to create a powerful, high-return POD solution.

Field Services

  • e-automate

    Integrate and automate daily processes so you can focus on growing your service offerings.

  • FMAudit

    A unique two-way communication between your accounting and despatch systems streamlines your managed print services.

  • PrintFleet

    An industry-leading suite of print management solutions ranging from simple rapid assessment to advanced managed services.


  • M1

    Manufacturing software that is module-based, allowing growing manufacturers to create a system that suits their needs. We serve custom, mixed-mode and make-to-order manufacturers.

  • EasyOrder

    Grow your business online. This hosted enterprise-level e-commerce platform has powerful features which set you apart from the competition.

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