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Integrating with sales and business intelligence solutions gives you insight into your customers' buying habits and more. Improve sales, increase margins, and deliver better customer service when you use one of these powerful tools. Additionally, we have integrations available that calculate sales tax, manage company finances, and automate sales commissions making these time-consuming tasks easier and accurate.

Premier Alliances

ECi Acsellerate sales and business intelligence software logo

ECi Acsellerate offers on-demand sales and business intelligence solution offers a powerful combination of analytics, advanced reporting, and CRM applications to improve sales, margins and customer service.

ceo juice logo

CEOJuice offers automated best practices for copier dealers from managing and motivating sales, to service performance and communicating with customers.

canon logo

Canon Financial Services, Inc. is a financier for commercial customers who buy or lease new Canon copiers, fax machines, printers, and other office equipment.

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