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Customer Testimonial: Forged Technology Solutions, LLC

Customer service made e-automate® field service software the natural choice

Testimony for ECi by Forged Technology Solutions, LLC in McAllen, Texas

Forged Technology Solutions, LLC

McAllen, Texas

At ECi, delivering awesome customer service means talking with our customers to understand their needs and how we can help them streamline and grow their operations. Every day, we receive feedback, suggestions, and comments on e-automate® field service software from sale through service. Below is a letter we received on January 31, 2017, from Kendra M. Jones, Office Manager of Forged Technology Solutions in McAllen, Texas.

As a startup company in the copier industry, we began searching for the software to fit our needs. We looked at Forza, researching the background of the company, pricing, and its owners and speaking with sales reps within the company. They put together a package for us but we still needed to explore other options. Our employees within Forged Technology Solutions all came from the copier industry, including me, and had worked with e-automate field service software. We decided to investigate e-automate further as we were offering services that we were not quite sure the software could handle.

We had several meetings back and forth with Forza and e-automate and finally came to the conclusion that e-automate suited us better. The pricing was comparable but the customer service that we received from e-automate ran circles around Forza. We got the feeling that Forza did not want to take the time to answer our questions.

E-automate took the time necessary to make sure their field service management software fit our needs. The conversion from our old software to e-automate was easy and the transition team helped us when we had issues. We have been a customer now for a little over a year and are very happy with the way e-automate has streamlined our business.

I highly recommend that you consider e-automate field service software to help run your business.

Kendra M. Jones
Office Manager
Forged Technology Solutions, LLC

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