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Success Story: BCOS Office Technologies

E-automate® Business Management Software Plays Key Role in Company’s Growth

Testimony for ECi by BCOS Office Technologies in Angleton, Texas

BCOS Office Technologies

Angleton, Texas

Before BCOS Office Technologies installed e-automate® field service software from ECi, operations were haphazard at best. The business lacked structure and activities were mostly reactive. Whatever client request or sales demand was front and center at any moment took precedence and determined activities at the Angleton, Texas-based Xerox® and Konica Minolta® dealership.

“In 2002 when we went live with e-automate we were like most dealers—disorganized and wondering how to get our growing company under control,” recalls Hershel Haskins, Vice President of Operations. “Everything was manual, and we just needed more and more people to get everything done.”

Three dispatchers were kept busy full time; they would track and input every service call manually and every month would do meter readings.

“Our people spent two weeks every month calling customers to get meter readings,” says Haskins and, he adds, routines for payables and receivables were equally labor-intensive.

At one time, it required four full-time workers to take care of billing and general accounting functions, dispatch and customer care. That was before the company switched to e-automate, however. Once e-automate went live, it cut the manual labor requirement by fully 50 percent.

E-automate service business software delivers time savings and productivity gains

“We only need two people now,” Haskins reports happily, with one person doing all the general accounting and the other handling dispatch. “Customer service has improved greatly over the past 15 years with the use of e-automate,” says Haskins. “We’re able to look up billing and email copies of invoices or statements within a few minutes.”

The productivity gains e-automate brought to BCOS have played a critical role in the company’s growth, says Haskins. “Implementation of e-automate resulted in great savings of resources allowing us to reinvest in the company and grow it to be even larger,” he points out. Since the system was originally implemented, business at BCOS has increased 400 percent.  

“The time you save with e-automate is a primary benefit,” explains Haskins. “Employees are more productive because they no longer have to perform manual jobs.” While e-automate is managing dispatch requirements and matching available personnel to service requests, the accounting system runs in the background and sends out statements, invoices and meter requests.

E-automate business management software organizes service contracts

“Years ago, before we started to use e-automate, our contracts lacked organization—meter dates and billing times were all over the place,” says Haskins. “Invoices went out once a month and we waited for the money to come in.”

Today, e-automate manages the entire process automatically. As long as the contract routine is satisfied with the meter reading, invoices are created daily and sent out via email, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent folding and stuffing envelopes. The company also reaps the benefit of savings on printing, paper, and postage.

E-automate service business software also manages prospects and sales

The program’s benefits aren’t limited just to the accounting side of operations, though. E-automate readily integrates with the dealership’s sales management software, to guarantee that as prospects are added to the sales pipeline, data can be readily shared with the business management system at BCOS.

“Our goal is to never have an unhappy customer,” concludes Haskins. “The automation that e-automate makes possible works to guarantee that our customers stay happy and that’s a good thing!”

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