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Fast service for first responders

Public safety and emergency response teams use two-way radios to communicate and collaborate because they are robust and highly effective. E-automate® service management software can help you easily monitor, manage and maintain two-way communication equipment.


This is an industry where lives may depend on the service you provide with time and cost efficiency of the topmost importance. If you are frustrated because . . .

  • Administrative costs are higher than the industry benchmark
  • Up-sell opportunities are missed due to a lack of visibility of on-hand inventory
  • Technician productivity cannot be tracked
  • Spreadsheets are required to run daily operations
  • Products approaching the end of their lifecycle cannot be quickly identified

. . . then e-automate® software can help you streamline your service operations. 

Solutions for service-centric businesses

E-automate® business management software includes features that are designed to support dealers of two-way communications equipment. Automating everything from accounting to inventory and service, e-automate's reliability gives you more time to attend to the needs of your unique customer base.

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How can e-automate help you control costs while increasing efficiency and profits?


General Communications, one of Wisconsin's largest two-way radio dealers, explains how e-automate's complete business management system has helped their business grow!

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See e-automate for yourself with a customised demo to suit your needs.

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