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Success Story:
TimberTown Building Centre

Spruce Lumberyard and Building Material Software Brings Costs Savings and Productivity Gains

After close to 25 years in the industry, Steve Hull knows what it takes to make an LBM business strong and profitable. And, he says, it’s a whole lot easier to do that if you’re using Spruce® LMB software from ECi Software Solutions to run things.

Hull, CFO at Calgary, Alberta-based TimberTown Building Centre, made the switch to Spruce in August, 2016, after previously using the Epicor® Dimensions program for many years.

At one time, he says, Dimensions might have gotten the job done but those days were long gone. The program was difficult to work with, operated in batch mode instead of providing real-time information and managing functions such as purchasing and implementing price changes was painfully labor-intensive.

In addition, Dimensions did not interface easily with other programs, forcing users to perform duplicate data entry that was both labor-intensive and rich in potential for human error.

Hull looked at several different replacement options in addition to Spruce, including BisTrack and Eagle® from Epicor® and Profitmaster and Transaxion from ACCEO®. But Spruce was the clear winner and not just because of its superior technical features.

The Spruce building materials software staff was the deciding factor

“Of all the programs we looked at, Spruce had the best user interface but the people side of the equation was just as important,” he recalls. “The staff at Spruce seemed more interested than any of the others in making sure we had an easy transition and that made a real difference.”

Changing business management software can be stressful on a good day and with 140 employees spread out across five locations in Alberta and British Columbia, the stakes were especially high. Fortunately, Hull says, the move to Spruce could not have gone any smoother.

“The transition was amazing,” he recalls. “Spruce had a terrific team of trainers and implementation staff and because it is a web-based system, we could see exactly what we needed to do.”

TimberTown realized immediate benefits with Spruce software

Within a week of going live, the TimberTown staff were “completely happy” with the program, he says, and the company was already starting to see benefits in several key areas.

“Just being able to email customer invoices and statements has saved us thousands of dollars a month in stationery and postage, not to mention all the time it saved,” Hull says. “And internally, Spruce is allowing us to identify new opportunities in our business to improve inventory management, boost overall gross margin, and control our expenses more effectively.”

And Spruce’s status as a cloud-based program is also making life a whole lot easier and more productive for Hull personally. “With Spruce, we no longer have to maintain and upgrade our own server or worry about backups and that means more time to focus on actually running the business,” he reports happily.

“Spruce has generated significant cost and time savings across the board,” Hull says. “It’s easy to use software that comes with a clean interface and just as important as any technology feature, the Spruce staff really care about their customers and the support they provide is truly amazing!”

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