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Software crafted for LBM dealers

Success Story:
Bruce Hall Home Center

Spruce keeps things running smoothly and efficiently

Ask Carolyn Roth, office manager at Bruce Hall Home Center, what she likes about Spruce® software from ECi Software Solutions and she has no problem finding plenty of high-tech bells and whistles that keep the Cooperstown, New York-based lumber, building materials and hardware store running smoothly and efficiently.

There’s a powerful document management feature that provides instant access to just about any business record—customer invoices, quotes, delivery slips, purchase orders, etc.— and that has taken the company in an increasingly paperless direction for several years now.

Or and inventory management module that has enabled Bruce Hall to replace what was costly and labor-intensive annual physical inventory (Roth estimates it could run the company as much as $4,000 in additional labor and lost business) with cycle counts, using handheld scanners, that are far less disruptive and a whole lot cheaper.

She’s also a huge fan of the program’s A/P Accrual feature, which has helped cut the time needed to put together the monthly income statment by more than half—from as much as two weeks to just five or six days.

And then there’s the way Spruce has made receiving so much easier, replacing a process that used to involve manually entering into inventory all the details of what could be as much as 40-pages’ worth of packing slips with just a few key strokes and a couple of mouse clicks.

Software designed specifically for the lumber and building materials industry

The Bruce Hall team has been using Spruce software since 1989 and, says Roth, it has brought benefits on multiple levels.

"One of the great things about Spruce it that it’s software for lumberyard and building material dealers that’s designed by lumberyard and building material dealers," she says. "Instead of being off-the-shelf, general business management software, it’s specifically designed for our industry and that makes a big difference."

She also gives Spruce kudos for its flexibility and ease of use. "As a Windows® based system, it’s very easy to learn because new people who come on board are already used to the basics of how it works," she points out. "When we have a new hire come in, he or she is usually up to speed and comfortable using the system in less than a week."

But while Roth gives high grades to the features and functionality of the system, it’s the people side of the program that gets the lion’s share of her praise.

I've never felt like I was just a number

"We’ve been using Spruce for nearly 30 years and I’ve never felt like I was just a number or problem for them," she reports happily. "They have very little turnover as a company and I’ve talked to the same people at Spruce for years and years. The Spruce technical support people are very knowledgeable, unfailingly professional and polite, and always responsive and ready to help."

For Carolyn Roth and the rest of the Bruce Hall team, Spruce is far more than just another supplier. "While the software itself has changed significantly over the years as Spruce has adopted to changing customer requirements and innovations in technology, the level of service and ability of the people at Spruce to meet our needs is just as strong today as it was when we started with them. Spruce has been a true partner for us and we expect them to stay that way for many years to come."

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