Cloud-based software for independent hardware dealers and convenience lumberyards

RockSolid MAX = Efficiency

RockSolid MAX® POS software is specifically for hardware, home centers, and convenience lumber operations. Learn how it improves the work day for every team member.

I provide top-notch customer service at point of sale because of RockSolid MAX™


With RockSolid MAX, I check out customers quickly because I can:

  • Easily find established customers in our system
  • Quickly process items by scanning, entering SKUs, looking up or importing
  • Create template transactions to build future orders, speeding up check-out
  • Email or electronically fax transaction receipts to customers
  • Process charge-backs and track rebates right at the counter
  • Set up delivery when sale is made

The checkout counter is where I can provide customers that extra level of service. I like going the extra mile to help customers with special orders, set up delivery, or look up past invoices. Our system makes it easy since it stores every transaction and links all associated documents. RockSolid MAX lets me do what I'm best at—serving customers!

Taking physical inventory is a whole lot easier with RockSolid MAX®


We used to close the store in order to do cycle counts on paper, and then we manually changed the quantities for each item in our database. Now, when we do a full inventory, all we have to do is go out on the floor, scan the items and enter quantities into the system. And we don’t need to close the store to do it! RockSolid MAX gives us the tools to stock the right amount inventory all year long:

  • Tight integration with vendors making purchasing easy and fast
  • Automated ordering saves time
  • Order stock based on the previous POs
  • Special orders are simple and seamless
  • Improve accuracy by reconciling shipment charges on receipt
  • Leverage vendor catalogs with item images

Since inventory is much easier, I can spend more time with my customers and on growing my business!

Using RockSolid MAX®, Invoicing takes less than half the time it used to!


It used to require an entire morning to print invoices, stuff envelopes, apply postage, and mail. Now we're done in two hours! We can efficiently manage the receivables process because RockSolid MAX lets us:

  • Email statements and invoices, saving on photocopies and postage
  • Track customer payment/purchase history
  • View information in real-time
  • Automatically allocate payments to the proper account

Today I'm back out on the floor helping customers and selling merchandise in a couple of hours rather than losing half a day stuffing envelopes, and the company spends far less on paper and postage. RockSolid MAX is a winner in my book!

With RockSolid MAX® we use data, not guesstimates, to place purchase orders


Before we switched to RockSolid MAX, I would have to visually count what we had on hand to see what we needed or go with my gut feel. That set us up for lots of errors. It would take hours to put together an order—I’d have to count what we had, figure out what we needed, look up the pricing and then call it all in. RockSolid MAX has improved our ordering because it:

  • Tracks inventory in real-time, eliminating guesswork for purchasing
  • Automatically sets re-orders based on the previous history
  • Electronically interfaces with most major wholesalers and suppliers, making ordering seamless
  • Emails POs to supplier, creating a paper trail for our records
  • Easily rectifies wrong deliveries and other potential issues

It’s given us a much better idea of what’s selling and what’s just gathering dust on the shelves. Our buying and overall purchasing processes are so much more efficient and profitable with RockSolid MAX!

Using the RockSolid MAX® business management software, we can focus on growing the business, not running software


We’ve got customers to serve and a business to run; RockSolid MAX helps us operate smoothly with tools like:

  • Inventory tracking and management so we stock the right amount of product all year long
  • Built-in accounts receivable that automatically creates invoices from purchase orders and emails them to the customer
  • A document management system that provides easy access to contracts, orders, customer information, and more, and makes any transaction easily retrievable

Additionally, RockSolid MAX software for hardware stores has helped us reduce costs by eliminating manual tasks and redundant data entry. We can also mail invoices directly from the system, which saves a lot in both time and paper. RockSolid MAX gives us insight into our workflow, inventory, and financials. We now make better decisions based on real-time data and our business works smarter overall.

The best thing is that we manage our entire business using one software. RockSolid MAX has not only improved our business, it’s given us our lives back!

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