Easy to use workflow for all teams members

Simple, step-by-step processes lead your team through workflows you define. Eliminate follow-ups on job statuses by providing clear processes so your team completes jobs in an efficient and timely manner.

TG Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows

Get new employees up to speed fast and easy based on the efficient and accurate processes you created.

Use software that adapts to your business

Stop conforming your business to fit systems and start customizing end-to-end workflows for your business needs. Custom Workflows in ThermoGrid ensure process stay clear and concise and standardized.

Support your entire team

Empower your sales team to quickly estimate, add photos, and create quotes. Design your customized workflows for service, repairs, sales, and even hybrid roles with dual responsibilities.

Produce fast, reliable, consistent results

For new staff, eliminate drawn-out training schedules and lapsed knowledge. Custom Workflows ensure employees reach productivity quickly, and complete jobs faster, all without cutting corners.

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